TSA Security Check Point toy set

Unfortunately, the toy set is currently unavailable and Amazon is unsure when it will be back in stock. For those of you looking for reviews on the item, many families were able to pick it up for Christmas and have thankfully posted full reviews so you’ll know if it’s worth the wait.

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No more training wheels – gyro stability helps kids ride

Yeah, I know this is a political-economics-conservative-news blog, but I thought this was pretty cool. Instead of training wheels that may result in bad riding habits, one innovative company has come up with a $100 wheel that allows kids to ride right away without training wheels.

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Google releases GMail video and audio chat

For those of you with a video camera on your Mac or a stand alone webcam, Google just released GMail Video Chat.

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Content item properties prove damn important – United Airlines looses $1 billion

Let this be a lesson for all of the Web content mangers out there. Back in 2002, when a story was published to a Web site, there little thought about properties associated with news items. In this case, the five-year-old story didn’t have a publish date.

When an old story gets pulled out of a database and becomes a hot topic, companies can loose millions; or in this case $1 billion in value. That’s what happened when a 2002 story about United Airlines going bankrupt hit Google News on Monday morning.

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Acronym of the Day – SWAG

Scientific Wild Ass Guess (SWAG) – Frequently used at Fortune 50 companies. A SWAG is the first phase of a project when you let the Capital Committee know the value of a project and how much that particular project may cost. The SWAG accuracy is usually defined as being plus or minus 100 percent.

Also referred to as Stupid Wild Ass Guess, Super Wild Ass Guess and a Swinging Wild Ass Guess.

F-22 Raptor Video

Totally cool (Windows Media File). Check out the elevators on the aircraft, they work independently of each other.

Obama Speak – Not Saying Much

Barak Obama is a very eloquent speaker, he’s great in a crowd. People are inspired to – well I guess their inspired to do something, but I’m not sure what that something is. You’re not going to be able to approach one of his supporters on the street and get any information about his policies, how he feels about the Constitution or how he’ll approach the out-of-control federal spending.

When people feel this way about a candidate, politician, sports figure or even a celebrity, they move into some sort of alternate reality where they believe that this person can do no wrong. Call it blind faith or call it a religion, they become immersed with the persona, not the reality. Read more

Lufthansa Landing in Germany

Wow. For those not familiar with flying, this is an example of landing in a crosswind. During a “crab” You need to point the nose into the wind, but still keep going straight towards the runway while keeping wings level. At the last second during the flair, you ease up on the rudder so you land straight down the runway.

With heavy winds or if a strong gust hits, things can get a bit crazy. You can check out the Hamburg Airport (EDDH) weather history for March 1 here. It looks like gusts at mid-day maxed out at about 56 MPH, but that gust could have been a lot more.