No more training wheels – gyro stability helps kids ride

Yeah, I know this is a political-economics-conservative-news blog, but I thought this was pretty cool. Instead of training wheels that may result in bad riding habits, one innovative company has come up with a $100 wheel that allows kids to ride right away without training wheels.

From what I read, larger versions for bigger kids and adults – even a unicycle – are in the works. They even have plans for a full gyrobike. Here’s a video of the wheel in action.


Here’s a video explaining what the heck is going on.


The 12″ wheel should be ready for ordering by December 1 – just in time for Christmas! You can learn more over at the Gyrobike Web site.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Can I get one of these for my motorcycle?   Just think how cool I would look, balancing on two wheels at a stoplight with both feet on the bike!

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