Obama Speak – Not Saying Much

Barak Obama is a very eloquent speaker, he’s great in a crowd. People are inspired to – well I guess their inspired to do something, but I’m not sure what that something is. You’re not going to be able to approach one of his supporters on the street and get any information about his policies, how he feels about the Constitution or how he’ll approach the out-of-control federal spending.

When people feel this way about a candidate, politician, sports figure or even a celebrity, they move into some sort of alternate reality where they believe that this person can do no wrong. Call it blind faith or call it a religion, they become immersed with the persona, not the reality.

What it comes down to is Obama doesn’t really say much in those eloquent speeches.

Larry Edler’s article this week is perfect. You can almost hear Obama delivering this speech.

We must have hope. Hope is what we must have. If you have no hope, then you are without it more than you would be if, indeed, you had hope. Without hope, there is only hopelessness. If you have hopelessness, then those without hope will never have hope because those who have it, do, and those who don’t, don’t.

And that is why I intend to hope that we may have more hope, so that those without hope can get it from those who do have hope. So the hopeful must share the hope with the hopeless to reduce the hopeless while uplifting the hopeful. And I certainly hope that we can all agree that hope alone without hoping for those without hope is, in fact, a recipe for further hopelessness. Thank you.

Elder writes a good column, add it to your list of must reads. Limbaugh also has some great parodies with “commercials” for the Obama campaign. (Membership required)

Obama Character: I believe that the things that need to be done, are the things that haven’t been done, for far too long. In the face of change, I believe in hope. In the face of hope, I believe in change. Let us leave the past behind us, as we go forward, into the future, firmly anchored to what came before. Let us set aside the things that divide us, and come together united indivisible as one people. Together, we can make something out of nothing, yes – we – CAN!