Frank Luntz Vegas Focus Group – “Worst evah!”

You have to watch to believe my little hostage takers. The politically correct left stands up to defend Obama’s hostage taker comment and … well all heck breaks lose. It’s as entertaining as it is revealing. Apparently political correctness gets tossed right out the window when it comes to the One. “It was just a metaphor.” Heh. Read more

Luntz Focus Group in Connecticut: At least she’s created jobs

Sure doesn’t sound like a 15 point lead to me. Frank Luntz brought his focus group to Connecticut last night to get Connecticans response to the McMahon/Blumy race. Frankly, I was a little shocked. Read more

Luntz: We’re gunna have one hell of an election I promise you that ….

and when it’s over at least half of America is gunna be pretty angry. So said pollster Frank Luntz last night on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. Luntz’s live focus groups are always pretty fun, but this one sets a new standard that will be hard to top … or will it? This is well worth the watch. It’s only two minutes, but its 120 seconds of fun, fun, fun as people in Florida got at it on Obama, Pelosi, the Republicans and whether orange juice really does deliver vitamin C. OK, not the last part, but everything else is on the table. Read more

Health Care Summit Focus Group: Condescension

Hmmm. Could it be Obama’s summit backfired. The famous Frank Luntz (who also discusses his polling with the President) filled the room with Democrats and Republicans split 50/50 and the results were stunning. By a wide margin they told Congress, to start over. Read more