Sequestration’s “armegedon”

We’ve posted on the “parade of horribles” the President claims will occur if his sequestration idea isn’t reversed by Congress.  Let me add some more facts. Read more

Obama to Boehner: “We don’t have a spending problem”

I’m wondering if President Obama figured House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would spill the beans concerning the discussions he had with the president. I want to hear more. I want to hear the president stand up and tell the American people the federal government does not “have a spending problem.”

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So much for cutting back – Federal spending up 5%

Even with the TEA party. Even with Republican control of the House. Even with the economy in trouble with 9 percent unemployment. Even with the mortgage issues. Our federal and state government moved right on ahead and increased their total spending by 5 percent. How much has your spending increased?

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Democrat Senators vote to pad Federal paychecks. Hold Defense Department hostage

I’m telling ya, you lefties are in for a shock come November. And please, don’t ever, ever call the show when the Republicans take over, and complain about spending. This is world class. Read more

Your chance to speak out against ethanol

Six weeks ago I posted an article about a petition pending before the EPA to increase the ethanol content of our “gasoline” from 10% to 15%.  Read more

You Gunna Eat All That?

Sailors call it gulling. When someone picks the food off another person’s plate. Guys do it all the time and mostly it drives women crazy. This time though its a woman, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm on Fox News Sunday.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford makes a good case for not taking the Fed’s stimulus money, because it comes with strings. Listen closely because the strings would likely cost SC dearly. The example he uses is expanding unemployment benefits.

But not Granholm. For her its just quick cash and she wants it and his too.


My guess is because she doesn’t care about the strings and the added financial pressure it might put on her state … she’ll just come back and ask for more. By the way no matter where you live … this is your money.