Your chance to speak out against ethanol

Six weeks ago I posted an article about a petition pending before the EPA to increase the ethanol content of our “gasoline” from 10% to 15%.  In case you missed that post, the ethanol industry filed the petition.  It seems we are driving less, which, of course, is good, unless you are “big ethanol”.  Fewer miles driven results in fewer gallons of ethanol consumed.  And, right now, big ethanol has lots of ethanol sitting around.  Their solution (rather than producing less ethanol) is to have the government mandate that the ethanol content of our fuel be increased to 15%.

The problem, of course is that my owner’s manual, and I suspect yours, says,

Unleaded gasoline containing oxygenates such as ethanol…can be used…provided the ratio…to gasoline does not exceed 10%…

Why is this important?  Well, an ethanol content greater than 10% can corrode the components of your car’s fuel system.  So, the use of a 15% ethanol mixture will void your warranty on all components of the fuel system.  The  result will be expensive repairs at your expense.  And, once repaired, the need for repairs will continue as long as you are using the 15% mixture.  If your car is out of warranty, you will suffer the same fate.  Expensive repairs followed by more expensive repairs.

Personally, if all auto manufacturers said that their existing vehicles can handle a 15% mixture, the problem would go away.  But, they can’t, and won’t do that.  Once again, if this proposal is adopted by the EPA, the consumer will be left holding the bag.

Please voice your opinion to the EPA by clicking here.  You will go to a comment form that you can fill out to submit your opinion to the EPA.  And, give this link to your friends.