Trickle down taxes – Obama plan guarantees increased costs for middle class

Actually, Obama’s plan to increase taxes for those making $250,000 guarantees increased prices for not just the middle class, but everyone else too. Sure, the Mary Kay Cosmetics independent beauty consultant may not make more than $250k, but many small businesses do.

Let’s talk about those families – and small businesses – that make more than Obama’s arbitrary definition of “rich.”

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Join us for live debate coverage tonight

Although this event has ended, you can review the complete chat transcript here at Conservative247.

Join myself, Jim Vicevich from Sound Off Connecticut and a couple of other moderators as we live blog the debate tonight.

The debate – starting at 9 p.m. ET – is the second of only three debates between McCain and Obama. Held at Belmont University in Nashville, it will be a town hall format moderated by NBC’s Tom Brokaw.

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Follow the money – graft is everywhere

It’s not just Democrats. It’s not just Republicans. It’s politicians from all over the country – elected to serve small towns, big cities and the United States – who have bought into the FDR New Deal philosophy of government hook, line and sinker. That era defines the beginning of government involvement in almost every aspect of our lives. It is the root cause of the financial situation we are in now.

When government gets into everything, power players get to play games with graft, political corruption, quid pro quo. You get to hand out cash for favors. Unfortunately the cash comes directly from government budgets. Since even small town budgets are so huge these days, you can easily hide $85 grand or so.

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NRA release videos targeting Obama and liberals

I can’t watch the videos here at work, but it does not mean I can’t provide you a link!

Update: Video and some brief analysis added to the post.

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Compare and contrast – McCain and Obama on The View

As Jim Vicevich mentions, The View isn’t really considered a news program, but if you’re wondering who most of the “cast” will be voting for, you need not go further than these video clips.

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Biden won’t let Obama take his guns – or ours

My first thought when I heard about Biden’s statement concerning firearm ownership was – I’ll bet my last dollar he was not in San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago or New York. No way. Biden stated, “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey.”

Biden spoke at the United Mine Workers of America’s annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia, just about as far away from Washington D.C. you can get while still staying in the state. Both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America give Biden and Obama F ratings.

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Red-lining Obama’s post on the economy

Remember elementary school English class? Those notes written in red all over your papers really made you cringe.

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Half of Obama supporters think SCOTUS rulings should not follow Constitution

This is a brutal assessment on how liberals think the Judicial Branch should make decisions. For conservatives, this is beyond the tipping point and concerns me more than any political or economic subject. Almost half of Obama supporters think that judges should base decisions on what they think is right or fair.

That’s right, almost half of those who will be voting for Obama in November think it is perfectly fine for judges to make rulings without concern to the Constitution and current law.

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Obama and McCain answer the question – does evil exist?

On July 16, I asked someone – anyone – to ask Obama one question. Does evil exist? It took about one month, but Rick Warren – during his Faith Forum Saturday night – asked both Obama and McCain the question. It’s a valid question and one that many liberals try to weasel out of.

Of course, Obama provided a very thoughtful answer that did not answer the question. When asked the question if evil should be ignored, negotiated with, contained or defeated, Obama said we should confront it. We should confront it? What the heck does that mean? As far as I can tell, that could mean that we yell at them from across the courtyard – leave us alone!

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Obama says drill – but knows Sierra Club will fight

Powerline has a nice wrap-up concerning Obama’s two-faced approach to drilling for more oil and natural gas here in the States. Even though he’s now preaching that we should consider drilling offshore and open more leases in Alaska – not ANWAR – he knows that environmentalists will go to court to block every move to actually drill.

By playing both sides of the coin, he gives the impression that he cares about energy costs; and even though the oil companies can drill, they are not drilling. Squarely putting the blame back on Big Oil even though it’s not their fault.

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