Biden won’t let Obama take his guns – or ours

My first thought when I heard about Biden’s statement concerning firearm ownership was – I’ll bet my last dollar he was not in San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago or New York. No way. Biden stated, “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey.”

Biden spoke at the United Mine Workers of America’s annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia, just about as far away from Washington D.C. you can get while still staying in the state. Both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America give Biden and Obama F ratings.

These guys change their tune depending on who they are speaking to. If they are in front of an audience of hunters – your gun rights are safe. When in front of a packed hall of community organizers in a city, it’s all about regulation, keeping illegal guns off the street, purchase limits, cartridge stamping and no-carry restrictions.

So where is Obama on the topic of gun ownership? Officially, it looks like he’s not providing us any information on the subject. The Obama campaign site does not have a 2nd Amendment page in the Issues category. Nada. Zip.

Biden basically said that the NRA and GOA are nuts. No way will Obama take away our guns. The campaign’s plan is to laugh off the assumption that the Democrat ticket will take away guns, but limit comments on the subject exclusively to hunting firearms.

Biden also used a manufacture name – Beretta – which is normally linked to semi-automatic pistols for those who are less familiar with the industry. That was a neat political trick if you ask me. When people hear Beretta, they think pistols – not shotguns.

They have been quiet on concealed carry for self defense and the fact that gun-free zones do not work. They insist that local restrictions on ownership is completely legal.

From Jake Tapper and Matt Jaffe at the ABC Political Punch blog.

Sen. Barack Obama better not mess with his running mate Joe Biden’s guns…or else.

In an out-of-nowhere attempt to re-assure a southwestern Virginia labor crowd about gun owners’ rights, Biden — who regularly scores “F” ratings from the National Rifle Association — warned Obama that if “he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”

“I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said Saturday at the United Mine Workers of America’s annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia. “Don’t buy that malarkey. They’re going to start peddling that to you.”

Biden told the crowd that he himself is a gun owner. “I got two,” Biden said, “if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem. I like that little over and under, you know? I’m not bad with it. So give me a break. Give me a break.”

Yeah, give me a break.

Hot Air has commentary and ties it to the news the Obama camp quickly agreed to shorter Q&A periods during the VP debate.

Would The One dare to fool with his Beretta? Of course not — he doesn’t have the votes. Golly, I wonder if this explains why Team Barry was so quick to acquiesce to McCain’s demand for a highly structured VP debate format with short Q&A periods so that the candidates can’t ramble on.

Certainly, it is possible the Obama camp has realized they need to put a tighter leash on the vice presidential candidate.

Back to the topic at hand. What is Obama’s record? In early April, he clearly stated he was against concealed carry. From Amanda Carpenter’s article on

“I am not in favor of concealed weapons,” Obama told the Pittsburgh Tribune. “I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.”

Outrageous position. That puts law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage. Criminals don’t care and will commit robberies with the comfort of knowing that nobody can be legally carrying to defend themselves. It’s been proven for years, states that pass concealed carry legislation is good for the community and bad for the criminals.

By no means am I stating that everyone should carry a pistol for self defense. But if you want the option – and are properly trained and pass the normal background check – you should be able to carry. Period.

Criminals go elsewhere when they know law-abiding citizens carry defensive weapons and are trained to use them.

Great Reference Material

Gun Facts is a well maintained Web site with solid information. Here is a link to the 94-page PDF to help those interested in protecting the 2nd Amendment. Check out the myths about concealed carry starting on page 23.

I’ve got 13 posts that are in my 2nd Amendment category, including my original post dated right after Obama’s interview with the Tribune.

The Democrat ticket will not protect your 2nd Amendment rights.

Hey, see-dubya is temporarily back posting at Malkin’s site on this subject too. Note the pictures of Kerry – finger on the trigger, no eye protection, no ear protection. Idiot.

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