NRA release videos targeting Obama and liberals

I can’t watch the videos here at work, but it does not mean I can’t provide you a link!

Update: Video and some brief analysis added to the post.

I’ll post analysis – as needed – later, but knowing the NRA, they will be direct and to the point. Allah over at Hot Air wonders when the post-racial candidate’s minions in the media will cry racism.

I eagerly await the media’s decoding of these very conservative, very anti-Obama, and therefore per se very racist spots.

Here is a link to all four videos at the NRA Political Victory Fund Web site.


Here is a brief wrap-up and the four videos. All of them are pretty good, but do push the right buttons for the NRA crowd. (Disclosure: I’m a member)

All of the videos are scheduled to run in Pennsylvania from what I hear. Last night, Jim Vicevich mentioned that we really need to watch that state on election night. If Pennsylvania goes for McCain/Palin, Obama and company are in trouble.

The first is aimed at hunters, mentioning the tax on guns and ammunition that Democrats frequently bring to the table. The cost of living is increasing, and gun owners should not have to pay extra to enjoy their target or hunting sports.

Flag football is a pretty popular sport with the kids, maybe the federal government should tax helmets, pads and game balls?

Next, we have an ad geared towards veterans and those who support them. Kurt Rusch – a former Marine from Wisconsin who fought for us in Iraq – mentions that he fought overseas to protect our freedom. Obama opposes concealed carry, and Rusch wants to be able to carry a handgun to protect his family.

Next, we have the video for the bitter clingers in the crowd. Tradition and the right to self defense is the theme.

Finally, we have the ad targeting Joe Biden, who recently mentioned there was no way Obama was going to take his Berretta away. Biden voted for banning ammunition used for hunting and self defense. He’s also one of the nuts that thought the “assault rifle” ban would be helpful.

Hey Biden, criminals don’t use AR-15s. Those ARs looked pretty mean, so they needed to be banned. That was a waisted effort.

He also voted to ban “high-capacity” magazines for semi-automatic handguns. More feel-good legislation that does zip.

Enjoy the videos.

Edited to add – I just realized that I used the words, targeting, Obama, liberals and NRA in the same sentence. Will my lead be called out as a threat. It’s not, I just used a similar headline to Hot Air’s post, so blame Allah.

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