Democrats, Obama send mixed message on energy policy

I have no idea where this ship is heading. Obama does not want to drill offshore, but is now willing to drill offshore. He did not want to tap into the strategic petroleum reserves, and now he does. Haven’t the Democrats been saying that we can’t drill out of this problem? Didn’t they say that the only way to lower prices was to build windmills?

On top of all that, now he wants to bring back the windfall profits tax on “big oil” and use the money to give out $1,000 checks to people. Is he nuts? Corporations don’t pay taxes you idiot. Read more

Obama suggests international community buy off Iran

How else can you put it? When I first read the Reuters story, I thought that his position on Iran going nuclear sounded a lot like our current administration’s position on Iran going nuclear.

During his visit to Israel, Obama spoke with a group of reporters and let them know – in no uncertain terms – that Iran becoming a nuclear power would be a “grave threat.” This international policy answer seems to come from the buy-them-off-at-any-price chapter. Read more

Obama – surge was a bad idea

Lots of discussion concerning Obama’s speech in Jordan this morning; many are just finding out that Barack is not as good speaking on the fly as compared to reading a teleprompter. But…

I think it is important to note a just a couple of items of interest from his current rock tour. First, he thinks the surge was a bad idea and second, his policy seems to have morphed into the exact same policy of the current administration. Read more

Ask Obama – does evil exist?

When a conversation begins concerning terrorists, sit back and listen for a few moments. As smart conservatives, it’s hard to avoid jumping right into a discussion and taking a stand, but hold out if you can.

What can be an effective first question? How about does evil exist? The answer from the group members will dictate the flow of the conversation. So Senator Obama, does evil exist? Read more

Never Mind About Illegals Learning English – We Must Speak Spanish

Here’s the thing. I wish that I could speak a second language. I really do. I tried speaking Spanish in high school and college, and one of my roommates in Washington D.C. was from Panama. Nothing helped. I can’t get that part of my brain to work very well.

Those who can speak a second or even third language have some great opportunities in the world. I’d venture to say that just like a college degree, language skills can make you much more marketable – you’ll earn more money.

But when presidential hopeful Barack Obama tells that our kids need to learn Spanish, specifically – and does not suggest any other language – could he be pandering? I’m calling him out. Read more

New York Times Dives Deep Into Teleprompter News

Let’s talk about politicians and how the main stream media treats them for a moment or two. Obama has made some gaffes in front of big audiences and so has McCain. Obama is clearly very comfortable with a teleprompter and McCain is not. In general, Bush 42 is not comfortable in front of an audience at all, but from what I hear, he is quite coherent and comfortable speaking to small groups about policy issues; he makes his points and opinions very clear.

Why is it considered news when McCain can’t pronounce Lexington when reading from a teleprompter? Why is it not news when Obama just fumbles and fumbles when he’s off a teleprompter? Why the hell does this matter?

Read more

Wesley Clark Throws Obama Under the Bus

How else can you explain it? Four years ago, the Democrat elite were saying that only someone with prior military experience could bring the United States out of the at-war condition we were in. Of course Wesley Clark was one of those candidates, but as it turned out, John Kerry reported for duty and pretty much fell on his French-looking face.

Yesterday, Clark visited with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation and tossed Obama under the bus. Clark inferred that McCain’s military experience – although noble – did not add up to the executive experience needed to be commander and chief. He went on to argue that being a senator and serving on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee for years does not qualify him either.

Just to clarify, Clark is supporting Barack Obama. Read more

The Obama Change Machine

I have not had much time to post lately, but my new portal at work has been down for the last 30 minutes so I headed over to American Thinker and found this post concerning Obama’s changing opinions during the past 30 days.

[Update: Malkin is letting us know that the House Republicans are jumping on the “change” express.]

Since Senator Obama will probably be the Democrat nominee for president this fall, we need to start carefully looking at what he says now as compared to what he said before when he was trying to get to the top of the Democrat ticket. He’s for change alright – he’s changing his positions every couple of days. Read more

The Politics of Class Envy

Here’s an article on American Thinker that is just up my ally – and well worth a read for our small audience. Obama and all of the populists like to tell you that they understand your plight. You’ve got a right to be mad, especially at all of  those rich people. CEOs make too much money! It’s not fair!

Where do you draw the line? How much is too much? Read more

Republicans Can Be Populists Too

Yes, they can. They are. They can be bigots and elitist too. We saw it with John McCain & Huckabee concerning the border and immigration issues. Michelle Malkin’s column just scratches the surface, politicians these days all seem to be pandering to special groups; they are populist candidates.

What can the government do for you today? Read more