Union protests at LAX misleading and astroturfed?

If you traveled through LAX yesterday, you may be under the impression airport union workers were protesting as a part of the May Day tom-foolery, and in turn delaying your flight. You may be incorrect.

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Where is the money? … Give up the bucks! Where is the cash? We need it fast!

Last week, I wrote about the astroturfed protest by thousands of union employees at the Illinois capital. They were demanding a tax increase – for the children of course – that would amount to a 33 percent increase in the state income tax. This short video sums up what they want.

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Labor unions fund anti-TEA Party Web site – astroturfing defined (Update)

Democrats and union leaders assured everyone the TEA Party movement was pure astroturf and fake, funded by finance and insurance companies favoring Republicans. It was not true, and now Fox News reports a supposed grass-roots effort to bash the TEA Party movement is funded by unions.

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