Where is the money? … Give up the bucks! Where is the cash? We need it fast!

Last week, I wrote about the astroturfed protest by thousands of union employees at the Illinois capital. They were demanding a tax increase – for the children of course – that would amount to a 33 percent increase in the state income tax. This short video sums up what they want.

The video has been making the rounds for the past five days or so, with write-ups at Big Government and other sites. But today, a hat tip to Vasko Kohlmayer at American Thinker who writes…

If the lady in the video wants to enrich herself at others’ expense, she should be forced to do it the old fashioned way: by breaking into someone’s house. Sadly, these days, she does not have to summon even that much initiative. She can simply vote for a politician who will do the dirty deed for her. If a thief gets caught with a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of stolen goods, the chances are that he will end up in jail, humiliated and despised. Those, however, who vote for politicians who deprive productive citizens of tens of thousands of dollars every year never despise themselves. Quite the contrary: They consider themselves progressive, socially conscious, or enlightened

On to the video of the enlightened astroturfer, courtesy YouTuber eagfoundation