Senate abortion special rules in health care legisation (H.R. 3590)

There has been a great amount of discussion concerning abortion and current health care legislation. Is it in? Is it out? First of all, the entire concept of the fed’s involvement in health care is unconstitutional, but that seems not to matter. So here’s info on the abortion language for readers.

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Democrats and their human shields … the new agenda

Congressman Bart Stupak made headlines when he told the National Review that Democrats see unborn babies as a luxury their government just can’t afford. Then Stupak reiterated his earlier comments last night on Greta Van Susteran’s show. Read more

Stupak offered legislative bribes to accept health care abortion language

Senior administration leaders in both the White House and Democrat party are encouraging Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) to keep his opinions on current abortion language in the Senate’s health care bill to himself until they can explain the legislation’s language to him. He says “no thanks” and by the way, stop trying to bribe me

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Nelson’s indefensible “pork” in Senate health care bill

Senator Ben Nelson’s (D-Neb.) conduct in selling his vote on the health care legislation gives brand new meaning to the words despicable and contemptible.  And those senators who agreed to his demands behind closed doors, as well as any senators who vote for this are not too far behind.

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Abortion poll story shows clear bias in reporting

So, how do you spin a story that shows 54 percents of Minnesotans are either totally against legalizing abortion or pro-life in general? You title your headline “Nearly half of Minnesotans favor abortion rights, survey says”.

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Liberals – Is this what you signed up for? Nelson pay off is criminal

So much for compromise and working in good faith. Our country may be lost … lost to innovation, prosperity, economic growth and good will. Your federal government has so much power and cash they can simply steal from the people and use cash to buy off the votes of other Congress-critters.

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In Virginia, mother who kills baby can not be charged

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air calls this one of the worst stories of the year. A Virginia woman gave birth seven days ago and smothered her child within hours. Since the umbilical cord and placenta were still connected mother and child, a loophole in the law prevents the mother from being charged with murder.
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The Rosa Acuna Project – Planned Parenthood video

Counseling abuse continues to be documented by the Rosa Acuna Project. Jim will be discussing this during the second half of the 11 a.m. ET hour this morning. Here is the video and some excerpts from the story.

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Symptom of the Disease: Abortion funding by government

Many Democrats are concerned about the language in the $1.2 trillion health care presented by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that allows for a loophole – there’s that word again – to indirectly fund abortion.

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Planned Parenthood director defects to pro-life movement

This is why we need this ultrasound so badly here in Connecticut. Please click here to contribute. Please. Via Gateway.

Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

“I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that’s it,” said Jonhson.

She handed in her resignation October 6. Johnson worked as the Bryan Planned Parenthood Director for two years.

According to Johnson, the non-profit was struggling under the weight of a tough economy, and changing it’s business model from one that pushed prevention, to one that focused on abortion.

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