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Dodd Man Walking – Part 2 – Simmons responds

The troubles continue to mount for Chris Dodd and it’s not jut this amazing piece in today’s Washington Times either. As Democrats prepared to take control of Congress after the 2006 elections, a top boss at the insurance giant American International Group Inc. told colleagues that Sen. Christopher J. Dodd was seeking re-election donations and he implored company executives […]


Dodd … Stand By Your Friends

Chris Dodd is coming out but the answers still ring hollow. Connecticut’s senior senator tells Channel 3’s Dennis House: Hey, Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg’s lying … no sweetheart mortgage deal No I will not release my mortgage papers … everyone already saw em … for a day The Irish cottage thing … hey the appraisal said […]


Dems to Media: Leave Dodd Be … Move Along

Dennis House interviewed the Connecticut Chair of the Democratic Committee on Face The State. The short hand version is in the post title. Nothing to see here … move long. httpv:// This might be what she hopes, but not likely. Flashing mortgage papers in front of reporters who likely know as much about finance as […]


Dodd’s Dangerous Dance. Plus Dodd vs Kudlow?

Instapundit continues to blaze the web trail tacking everything and all Dodd and we are more than happy to help get the word out. You can catch it here. Like any Washington survivor who senses that the political tide is shifting, Dodd knows he must swim with it or sink in its wake. And for […]


Dodd’s Irish Country Cottage

Tell me again about how these guys inside the beltway are performing public service? Chris Dodd, (D-Countrywide) watches the housing market implode while he gets favored mortgage treatment here … and great land deals overseas partnering with felons? Perfect. Kevin Rennie continuuuuuues. Ireland does not easily give up its secrets. That may have been one […]


Dodd As Victim

Well why not. Everyone’s a victim these days of something. Attorney General Dick Blumenthal (D, because we name that party), who’s office is investigating Countrywide’s dealings in Connecticut, addresses the Chris Dodd (D) Countrywide loan scandal on Hartford TV Channel 3, WFSB, Sunday morning. Anchor Dennis House asks the AG (D) how Dodd (D), chairman […]