Dodd’s Campaign Money Shift Raises Questions

A Senate investigation isn’t like a Countrywide mortgage: It’s expensive to prove there’s nothing there. Dodd has caught a lucky break, as senators often do. The Federal Elections Commission allows Dodd to use campaign funds from the Friends of Chris Dodd re-election committee to pay his legal and other expenses incurred in the ethics investigation. The law doesn’t allow Dodd to use his presidential campaign cash surplus to pay for his ethics investigation defense, but in September he moved $440,110 from the presidential committee to the Senate committee.

Read it all. The question is, why is it Kevin Rennie doing all the leg work? Where are the Courant reporters on this?

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  1. Erik
    Erik says:

    Tell me again why we elect this phool. Look at the guy he looks like captain kangaroo with dyed eyebrows.

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