Dodd Review

Great review of the Chris Dodd, Countrywide mortgage fiasco on Face The State on Channel 3 today. Nothing new but it is a very good roundup including Dodd’s promise to release his mortgage papers (6 months ago) and his subsequent denial.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Perhaps when Dodd was living in Iowa, (not in CT) he was mistaken in that VIP meant Very Intimate Pleasures and was merely thinking,  that finally he would be getting that waitress sandwich.  Oh to be a Kennedy.

    When will Conn. realize what a poor Senator we have and vote him and the other Conn. Congressional leaders out of office.  They have an 11% approval rating.  Colin had a higher rating (I'm sure….trust me on this one) and he was ousted.

    Bring back Colin and get rid of Dodd.  Trade.  Trade.  Trade.

  2. Phobius
    Phobius says:

    I believe that Ct deserves better representation in Washington, Mr Dodd has shown he can no longer stay above the corruption and it is time he is replaced.

    I tell my kids that he is not a good role model, and they should look to others like their mom if they want to see how to live a good , honest, and productive life of community service.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Dodd is a real slice off the old ham!  His daddy must be proud.

    How do you think you get VIP treatment for any reason OTHER than your position as Senate Banking chairman?  Did he think he got if for his good looks, charm and personality?

  4. smith
    smith says:

    SMITH wasn't satisfied with taking on one top dog in Congress.


    He's now taken aim at Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Dem. Majority Leader.


    SMITH and his side-kick, Dr. Sheila of Reno launched a new web site tonight.


    At precisely 10:27 PM EST on January 25th     <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    was born.  It is linked with <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    and cultivates a symbiotic relationship with


    <a href="” target=”_blank”>


    SMITH of Connecticut hopes to inspire Nevada Smith.


    The goal is to clobber all the Democrats in 2010 to smithereens!!



    Good Day,



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