2nd Amendment Rally at Connecticut Capitol this Saturday

As a reminder, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is sponsoring a 2nd Amendment rally at Connecticut’s Capitol Building from noon to 3 p.m. this Saturday, April 5. The weather looks like it will be nice this weekend, so why not put off your Spring yard clean-up routine for a few hours and come out to support the 2nd Amendment?

These events don’t always happen on a weekend, and many people have a difficult time attending events mid-week, so I’m hoping there will be a large and friendly crowd. Do some networking while your at the event. Try to get a minute or two with a few of the local Connecticut leaders who are involved with protecting your right to own and carry the firearm you choose to protect yourself and your family. Shouldn’t you get to know them?

You’re welcome to carry your pistol open or concealed on the Capitol grounds if you have your permit, but firearms are prohibited in Bushnell Park (I know, stupid…). Of course CCDL is asking you bring cool signs to the event as media will be on site. Show your colors!

There will be a variety of speakers attending, including gun rights supporter David Codrea who writes for Examiner.com, and has been featured in a variety of gun magazines. As a warm-up to attending and speaking to friends about the event and gun rights here in Connecticut, why not reach back into the RVO archives and read some of the articles I’ve posted on the topic?

These three posts are probably the best I’ve got on the subject. They might not be perfect, but to properly prepare for a 2nd Amendment gun control debate or discussion, these are required reading.

More posts, some listed due to their popularity.

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