Terror in Boston (Updates)

This afternoon, two bombs exploded on Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. What we know now is that two people were killed and twenty three people are injured.

The video is long, but very comprehensive.


As a result, security has been heightened in major cities throughout the world, including Washington D.C. where the section of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House has been closed to traffic.

You can find more updates at Hot Air.

Update: (April 15 at 5:24 – Steve)
Keep in mind, that most of what you are hearing in the media will turn out to be incorrect information. It’s not on purpose, it’s just that people hear and interpret things differently. This is all breaking news.

New York Post is reporting 12 dead, and more than 50 injured

A federal law-enforcement source confirmed to The Post there are at least 12 dead. [Most report two dead.] Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 10 people with amputated limbs and all operating rooms were on hold, sources said.

Authorities have a identified a suspect, a Saudi national, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds. [This was denied by the Boston Police Commissioner at 5:559 p.m. ET]

The Boston Globe reported that there were up to 100 injuries stemming from the explosion.

The following video is from the Boston Globe, sorry … it plays right away. Content warning.

Earlier today, I thought the timing was interesting. The bombs went off 4 hours and 9 minutes into the race, which is very close to the average time for finishers in recent years.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I think we ned to wait and see who is responsible. All my prayers to those injured, to those who lost their lives and their families.

  2. PaulBartomioli
    PaulBartomioli says:

    As usual, those of us on the conservative side begin praying and offering aid. ?The “progressives” seek to assign blame through their minions,the alphabet soup jackals. The wolfie led the charge, although esquire mentioned McVeigh. ?Wasn’t he a registered democrat?
    My prayers for all that have been and will be affected by this tragedy.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Invariably, the media reflexively finds a contrived conservative scapegoat to bleat about, then issue a correction deep in the paper near the obit column.
      Prayers for all affected by this crime.

  3. yeah
    yeah says:

    so does it bother anyone that there was a simulated terror event training in boston on the same day as the marathon – and what was the training?? A BOMBING.
    coincidence that the terror training going on in newtown on the day sandy hook happened – the training event?? A MASS SHOOTING.
    gov’s response?? we need to take your weapons, we need more cameras installed in public places.
    we’re being set up, folks.?

  4. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    And surely the great pontificator will cook up some crazy laws that will prevent another bombing- regardless of the fact that there are more than enough laws and criminals don’t obey laws. ? Maybe we need to register cookware now? ?

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