The Party Never Ends

It’s a great song by Robert Earl Keen … the road goes on forever and the party never ends. That in a nutshell is the bailout fever gripping DC and summed up well by NJ Congressman Scott Garrett. He tells Fox News why the crummy $500 check will do little to solve the big problem facing the US during this recession … job creation. It won’t get you a job.

Plus he nails it when he reminds the American people … your so called “tax cut”, which is not a tax cut but in fact a transfer payment, is a one shot deal …. but the politicians spending your money and now your grandchildren’s money too goes on FOR – EV – AH!


The economy is in trouble. But unless I am missing something (and I could be) we have been here before. Recessions are painful but they cleanse an economy of excess and we always emerge stronger. If its jobs we want then we need to stimulate the private sector, not the public sector and we can do that simply by cutting corporate taxes and personal income taxes.

Both would improve personal and business balance sheets, create a wealth effect, boost confidence and encourage new spending and investment. Government checks can’t do that and government jobs (because the paychecks are circular) do not increase a nation’s wealth. The government has no source of income other than its workers.

If the government workers are the main source of income, both are doomed to stagnation (reference Soviet Union, Eastern Block, Cuba, North Korea, etc).

Be careful what you wish for.

Let The Government Take Care Of The Kids

so … the parents can buy other stuff. This folks is out of control. Parents abdicate … government controls … mindless Americans. This is from “This Week” … Cokie Roberts thinks we need to spend, spend, spend to get us out of the recession and the key is children’s healthcare. No, really.


“It’s not your money” Cavuto video

I’ve been checking the logs and noticed a couple of people searching for Neil Cavuto’s interview with Congressman Joe Knollenberg (D-Mich) that Jim started talking about on Nov. 18, 2008.

It includes Cavuto’s famous “it’s not your money congressman” line that Jim uses as an audio clip on the show  frequently.

So, I went hunting for it myself and could not find it here on the blog, so here it is for posterity.

Update (JV): Indeed … one of my most watched videos (67,000 plus views and more than 100 comments) … and for good reason.


Google releases GMail video and audio chat

For those of you with a video camera on your Mac or a stand alone webcam, Google just released GMail Video Chat.

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Video – Thompson discusses an Obama administration

Good video. My post explaining the case against Obama is probably a bit long and this video is just over 12 minutes. Do you have the time for both? You should.

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Iraqi, US special forces at work in Sadr City, Baghdad

Plenty of videos from Iraq and Afghanistan on YouTube, but this one surfaced in the last day or so. God bless the troops and keep them safe. It’s clear that this effort is hard and has been and will be dangerous.

Troops are fighting elements loyal to cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who for some reason, troops are not allowed to target. It’s all political nonsense. Do we want to win? If so, his picture should be on a deck of cards somewhere.

Stay safe, and THANK YOU for your service.

See-Dubya at Malkin’s site has more, as does Ace. BlackFive has some good discussion going, and they may have received the video and posted first. BlackFive is letting us know that SSG Ryan Creel sent the footage of US Army Special Forces fighting in Sadr City.