Let The Government Take Care Of The Kids

so … the parents can buy other stuff. This folks is out of control. Parents abdicate … government controls … mindless Americans. This is from “This Week” … Cokie Roberts thinks we need to spend, spend, spend to get us out of the recession and the key is children’s healthcare. No, really.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    This lady is so out of touch.  To suggest parents forgo care for their own Children and suggest that the Government take over is ridiculous.

    Why is the Liberal Media so lost in their own grandiouse world?   It is stunning to hear some of the things they say.

    Main Street Media continues to become less and less relevant.

  2. Erik from WH
    Erik from WH says:

    Yeah, great idea!!  take an already screwed up healthcare system and hope the government gets it right.


  3. rjw610
    rjw610 says:

    Not only is she out of touch, she can join the mass of the truly clueless who insist that the more the government does for the "average Joe" the better off we will all be.

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