Iraqi, US special forces at work in Sadr City, Baghdad

Plenty of videos from Iraq and Afghanistan on YouTube, but this one surfaced in the last day or so. God bless the troops and keep them safe. It’s clear that this effort is hard and has been and will be dangerous.

Troops are fighting elements loyal to cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who for some reason, troops are not allowed to target. It’s all political nonsense. Do we want to win? If so, his picture should be on a deck of cards somewhere.

Stay safe, and THANK YOU for your service.

See-Dubya at Malkin’s site has more, as does Ace. BlackFive has some good discussion going, and they may have received the video and posted first. BlackFive is letting us know that SSG Ryan Creel sent the footage of US Army Special Forces fighting in Sadr City.