TSA misses three boxcutters carried by passenger in carry-on bag

No matter what the government tells you, you will never be “safe” from security threats on commercial airliners. The word “safe” implies certainty, certainty that you will never be exposed to a security issue. The TSA missed a few boxcutters last weekend as a reminder to us that we’ll never be 100 percent safe.

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TSA implements enhanced feel-me-up security at airports – Americans not feeling it

We’ve found the tipping point. I’m calling this week’s TSA news Groper-gate even as the agencies leadership continue to deny screeners are molesting anyone. It’s kind of like a pedophile claiming he or she is innocent after getting caught on video. Travelers themselves will define their own experiences thank you very much. Read more

Seattle security guards NOT tasked with providing security – video beating

A violent beating of a 15-year-old girl caught on video in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel is outraging residents and public transportation users. The beating is bad enough, but the three “security” guards who were there did nothing to stop it makes it outrageous.

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So Much for Airport Security

We’ve read the reports about “testers” from the TSA getting certain items through security with no problems. As a matter of fact, TSA has failed numerous tests for a variety of reasons. Look, if somebody wants to get something on a plane, their going to be able to do it with time and money.

Today’s story from Heathrow just continues to prove that we’re not any safer. These nuts just walked out there and climbed out onto a BA jet? What is going on?