Liberalism is a mental disorder – TEA Party bigger terrorist threat than radical Muslims

I’m not sure what to say here. Normally, I’m not surprised by how whacky some liberals are … but this is really over the edge. In a Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters, those who strongly approve of President Obama feel the TEA Party is a bigger terrorist threat than radical Muslims.

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Pakistani “honor killing” stories skip reference to Islam

I realize there are different variations of Islam just like any other religion. I also understand there are honor killings and “enforcement of religious rule” practices involving incomprehensible violence in other cultures and religions. That said, when an “honor” killing happens in Pakistan, it is assuredly associated with radical fundamentalists who practice Islam.

In the following Reuters and Associated Press stories, neither one of them mention Islam. I’m not sure how you can write the story leaving out reference to the religion these parents live their life by. Allegedly, they made the decision to punish a 15 year-old girl for looking at a boy as he drove by on a motorcycle. Either that or she was talking to a boy.

Isn’t it interesting that the media has no issue consistently referencing the “Christian” faith of the wackos at Westboro Baptist Church? Heck, I’m fine with them mentioning a small sect that ties themselves to an extreme Christian view, so why not mention fundamentalist Islam? That would be racist.

From the AP.

A Pakistani couple accused of killing their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid on her carried out the attack because she sullied the family’s honor by looking at a boy, the couple said in an interview broadcast Monday by the BBC. …

“She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way,” the girl’s mother told the British broadcaster.

The father said the family had already come under public censure because of their older daughter’s behavior…

This “behavior” is forbidden and pretty much directly associated with their religious beliefs … radical Islam.

From Reuters.

A Pakistani couple killed their teenage daughter by pouring acid on her face and body after they caught her talking to a boy, police and a doctor said on Thursday.

Again, no reference to the explicit reason for the “punishment” – religious beliefs. Nothing to see here … it’s just criminally-bad parenting and has nothing to do with the religious brainwashing and outright threats by Islamic fundamentalist leaders in Pakistan.

A disturbing pattern throughout the Middle East and north Africa

We’ve helped, directly and indirectly, to install Islamists into positions of power in Libya and Egypt within the last year. You can clearly argue we do not know who is in control of either country or what their intentions are. This patchwork of power in the region is unstable at best, and throughout – including east to Afghanistan and Pakistan – I’m seeing a disturbing pattern.

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Muslim community practices “religion of peace” in Pakistan – forces Christians out

Imagine a place where you can be accused of blasphemy and threatened with the death penalty based on hearsay and with virtually no witnesses. Welcome to Mehrabadi, Pakistan, just outside the city of Islamabad, where radical Islam thrives.

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Rep. Ellison brings up bigotry at Congressional hearing – but it never happened

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mich) “testified” at a Congressional hearing yesterday. The hearings are designed to gather information on the radicalization of American Muslims, but some think it’s a witch hunt, and Ellison took the opportunity of the first day of hearings to start them off with tears and total mis-direction.

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Attorney General just can’t use the phrase … “Radical Islam”

This is disgraceful. Congressman Ted Poe is trying to get to the bottom of what motivated the Time Square Bomber Shahzad. He asks the Attorney General if radical Islam might have been a factor. Instead of an answer we get a dance. My favorite part is when the man charged with protecting the Republic says he just doesn’t want to offend anyone. Swell.

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