Newt goes after Chris Mathews – What kind of racist thinking do you have?

I really don’t think Newt Gingrich should have been smiling during this exchange. He should have called it just like it was and be serious and diligent with Chris Matthews about his obvious issues. Get mad at Matthews for his idiotic opinion … call him out … conservatives should not take this crap.

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Morgan Freeman (idiot) – TEA party members obviously racist

Again, another celebrity that has a problem with the TEA party since they are obviously racists. What else could it be? President Obama is black, and the TEA party wants to ensure he is not elected for a second term … so they want him out because he’s black.

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Captain America takes on America’s most fiercesomest awesomest enemy ever – The Tea Party

I wish this were a joke … and it may very well turn out to be … but columnist Warner Todd Huston wrote about this yesterday and I was just sitting there in stunned disbelief. And of course AP at H/A has a pretty good take on this too. Update (Steve) below the fold…) Read more