The NCAA is the Mafia?

File this in the “truth is stranger than fiction” column. Apparently, the NCAA has adopted certain new proposals that give student athletes a yearly stipend and focus more on academic performance.  Whether what the NCAA did is good or bad is something I cannot address. Read more

The Justice Department and the BCS

Now that the birth certificate issue has finally been laid to rest, the President announced that he has far more important things to do.  Immediately after that announcement, the President flew to Chicago for an appearance on Oprah, and then on to New York for two fundraisers. Read more

Poll – Americans looking for a NCAA Football playoff

Earlier this month, I wrote about Congress getting involved and demanding the NCAA put some sort of playoff system in place for Division 1 football. A Quinnipiac poll released today indicates you want one too, but are not so sure about Congressional involvement. Read more

Congress demands NCAA football playoff system

Like they don’t have enough on their plate. Rep Joe Bartson (R-Texas) along with members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee feel the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is unfair and won’t change unless the all-knowing United States Congress pushes them to fix something they know nothing about.

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