The NCAA is the Mafia?

File this in the “truth is stranger than fiction” column. Apparently, the NCAA has adopted certain new proposals that give student athletes a yearly stipend and focus more on academic performance.  Whether what the NCAA did is good or bad is something I cannot address.

But, for reasons known only to Representative Bobby Rush (D. Ill.), he decided to conduct a forum on Tuesday concerning the changes.  I really thought that Congress had far more pressing problems to deal with, but, maybe that is just me.

According to Mr. Rush,

‘(The NCAA) is one of the most vicious, most ruthless organizations ever created by mankind’, Rush said. ‘I think you would compare the NCAA to Al Capone and to the Mafia‘.

‘It’s a systemic, ongoing, prolonged abuse of thousands and thousands of innocent young men and women who are only trying to make a life for themselves and live the American dream’. [emphasis supplied]

The reason for the forum, at least according to Congressman Rush, was to discuss the,

‘backroom deals, payoffs and scandals’ in college sports.

Pretty much like the passage of Obamacare, Congressman…, at least the backroom deals and payoffs part.  Will you investigate that?


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  1. winnie
    winnie says:

    Rep. Bobby must be cranky because the NCAA is focusing on academic performance.?
    What a novel idea!!!
    These are *STUDENT ATHLETES*…who represent a *SCHOOL*…And grades do and should count/matter.? The democrat way is usually to lower standards for academic performance…which is, in the end, a way of screwing the kid out of having a quality education while they bring in money for the school (everybody wins, right?).

  2. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    ?Lemme guess,Mr Rush is black & thinks much of his tribe won’t be able to qualify. Or maybe he’s just another flaming liberal racist who thinks the same thing.

  3. WKUHilltoppers
    WKUHilltoppers says:

    This “small” stipend deal is an attempt to try to placate the BCS–who’ve for years have whined for paying “student” athletes.? This entire round of conference shuffling is nothing more than the BCS positioning itself for “secession”.?
    Hey Rush–if you wanted to do something, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act has only been around since 1913.? Are you this shallow and that blind not to see this qualifies?? But you’d better hurry, because I’m not sure the country has that much time left anyway.?? How about spending time reviewing ATF gun-running to Mexico…

  4. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    “backroom deals, payoffs and scandals”, he’s got to be kidding. He sees them in NCAA and Not in Congress.? Al Capone couldn’t hold a candle to the thieves in Congress. At least he paid some taxes and didn’t receive all the perks we the taxpayers pay for Congress.

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