Biden agrees: New laws will not stop future mass shootings

Gee, I wish I had figured that out on my own. Vice President Joe Biden has stepped up and admitted new laws would probably not stop all mass shootings in the future.

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New York: Four dead, four wounded by knife-wielding attacker

Another tragedy for the victims of a violent act. Maksim Gelman allegedly used a knife to first kill his stepfather, then drove to an ex-girlfriends house where he killed her mother and the ex-girlfriend. He went on to kill two more and wound at least four others. I realize it’s a cliché now, but why isn’t Mayor Bloomberg calling for more restrictions on the sale of knives?

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In Virginia, mother who kills baby can not be charged

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air calls this one of the worst stories of the year. A Virginia woman gave birth seven days ago and smothered her child within hours. Since the umbilical cord and placenta were still connected mother and child, a loophole in the law prevents the mother from being charged with murder.
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