Governor Christie to Governor Malloy: Read the Governor’s owners manual and get back to me. UPDATE: Full video links

This is classic Christie and a shot across the bow of a Governor who called him “bombastic”. Juicy stuff for you conservatives from this morning’s Joe. Game on! Read more

Charlie Cook: The odds are greater it’s over 60 than under 40

Adds the political guru and election tracker … I’ll be bagging groceries if that happens [the Democrats retain control]. Read more

MSNBC strikes again: Why are so many women in the … Tea Party?

Watched this yesterday afternoon on my Morning Joe tape and just could not believe my eyes or ears. Hey, it’s not just Obama that’s out of touch. Read more

Yes, health care is a commodity

I’ve been hearing the argument that health care is not a commodity for the past month or so. It’s another way to play on the emotions of the electorate, since it’s kind of obvious that health care is a commodity… but it does not feel right to say it.

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