MSNBC strikes again: Why are so many women in the … Tea Party?

Watched this yesterday afternoon on my Morning Joe tape and just could not believe my eyes or ears. Hey, it’s not just Obama that’s out of touch.

This round table of MSNBC “wizards of smart” (H/T Rush) is trying to figure out why women are joining the Tea Party. Well, perhaps if they went to one before commenting on one, they would have an answer. I am just stunned that they are so baffled.

The video is from The Daily Caller and their commentary is pretty good but I think even they miss the point. It’s not a matter of women and men … it’s a matter of people banding together to make their voices heard. People who see a government that wants to regulate everything from their food to their thermostats, from healthcare to taxation. They see a budget so bloated that it will affect not only their take home pay but that of their children and grandchildren. They see a government intrusive and out of control. They’re worried. Their moms are worried.


Here’s the Daily Caller’s take:

Rebecca Wales, spokeswoman for Smart Girl Politics, a group devoted to mobilizing women in the Tea Party, was pleased that Tanenhaus and Barnicle were on the right track.

“Women are primarily responsible for the finances in their household, own small businesses, take care of their children and their aging parents,” she explained to TheDC. “And when those things are threatened, women fight back. This movement empowered them. They found the means to become politically active, found a voice, where they never had before.”

OK, ladies. Your take?

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, people, both women and men are CONCERNED about the course of the direction the USA is heading. The tea party movement should be given CREDIT for encouraging conservative women to run for public office this year. 2010 should be called the year of the "conservative woman". Also I had the privilage of not only speaking at a number of tea parties, but have heard tea party women, be they Linda, Ann, and Martha speak. Also it has gotten conservative women to campaign for other conservative women as well.

  2. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    The progressive tyranny of the gender movement leaves no room for right-leaning or actually conservative women. Their feeling is that these outcasts are "disenfrachised" and "uninformed" or the worst: "uneducated", and just need to be led back to the only true path. The truth is that there are other paths – but their very existence has been "educated" out of a whole generation of Americans.  

  3. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Clearly, if a woman is a conservative she must be a bubble-headed, bleach blonde, flibbertigibbet bimbo…or Sarah Palin.

    Liberal women listen to one side…the side that keeps feeding the lie that women and men are equal.  Women and men are NOT equal…and thank GOD for that!  It's hard to be a kept woman if you make more than your man.

    Ooops…did that sound sexist!?!?  😀

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Another question that begs to be asked is, why are so many blacks and other minorities, Jews, the poor etc., in the Democrat party?  They constantly use these groups in political ploys and schemes, yet never seem to advance their cause.  The war on poverty makes no advances, and the plight of inner city blacks continues or gets worse.


    How can there be poverty, racism etc. in a state this blue, and run by an overwhelming majority of Democrats for decades if not generations?

  5. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    The citizens in this country need to stop looking at people and seeing color, gender, and heritage. We are all individuals, our actions are a function of choice and nothing else. Until we see others as living, breathing, thinking, caring INDIVIDUALS, racism, feminism, and everything else that judges by groups will undermine who we truly are.

    The media is the biggest promoter of racism!!

  6. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Slavery is alive and well within the democratic party. The Democrats have been successful in keeping blacks, women and other minorities enslaved using propaganda. No amount of money, no amount of programs shall make another man prosperous and self-reliant, only an open mind, equal opportunity and education will do so. Tell a man he is poor, tell him he is a victim and you are the answer to his problems with a hand out and you shall enslave him for life. Tell a man you are proud of him, tell him keep on trying and accomplishments happen.

    Women understand how to accomplish the impossible, it is our nature, we make something out of little, we take babies and turn them into adults, we take a few dollars and stretch them to pay bills; we know how to solve problems while wiping tears and flipping a pancake. From the beginning of America women were behind the scenes, with encouraging words to keep men focused on the new government, keeping the home fires burning. Today our words are heard loud and clear, make no mistake women are about to create change.

  7. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I'm hysterical here. Do you remember what the pundits said first about Teapartiers? They were mostly angry, white men, aged 57 and older. That was before the pundits went to a Tea Party. Once they actually went to one, they did what I did, look around and see that the crowd was predominately women. I am not surprised that Barnicle and Tenenhaus were on the right track. I am also not surprised that Mika was confused, perhaps she did not read about it in her White House briefing of the day!

  8. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    What? "Democrats enslaving women , bigotry, yada yada…"???

    Let's just look at CT. Susan Bysiewicz, Denise Nappier, Nancy Wyman and the Chair of the party, Nancy DiNardo.

    Ummm. How long have they been around?

  9. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    For some, too long.  Bysiewicz tried to run for office without qualifications, and I recall when Nappier was selected and boosted by the CT Democrat party over Frank Lecce because the Dems were concerned that they would have an all white slate of candidates (  Wyman seems to have been a good worker, and I don't know a thing about DiNardo.


    Now how about returning to the question of why Democrats can't believe that so many women would support Tea party concepts?

  10. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    I wonder if they are curious enough to have their investigative reports talk directly to Tea Party folks – on air.  Wouldn't that be refreshing ?!

  11. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    Let me ask this question, MSNBC:

    Why are there so many Union Thugs in the Democrat Party?


    Especially the ones that were bused in to New London during the McMahon-Blumenthal debate at the Garde Theater.  The ones that threatened physical harm to my 73-year-old father.


    Blumenthal, you must be sooooo proud of yourself!

  12. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Ahh Dims, I know you try to get to me, but you never did until today.

    Here you are, a resident of MA lecturing me on CT constitutional officers!

    1. Susan Bysiewicz has been our SOS. She is a work horse-many hours a week. Don't go by me, ask any registrar how available she has been for problems or any business person registering with the state who has found some glitches

    CT a few years ago CT passed a constitutional  amendment-stupid one-that you had to be in private practice for 10 years. Susan was in private practice for 6 years and as SOS she has been in charge of a team of atty's for many years. So…if you did DUI's and speeding tickets for 10 years you are qualified for the job and she is not?

    2. Denise Nappier-you scoured the internet for an article that said she got the job because she is African-American-pretty despicable. Another woman that has done a great job and is imminently qualified!




  13. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Doesn’t change the fact that she (Bysiewicz) fought hard to break the rules.? I don’t make the rules, and neither does she.? And need I remind you of who controls the legislature in CT (and MA)?? Generally, like in MA, you will find these rules have been written to “get” Republicans, and they frequently backfire on the Democrats who wrote them.?? And she works hard?? Who doesn’t?
    I didn’t have to “scour the internet”, and it was your beloved paper of record, the New York Times.
    Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.

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