Charlie Cook: The odds are greater it’s over 60 than under 40

Adds the political guru and election tracker … I’ll be bagging groceries if that happens [the Democrats retain control].

This from the Daily Caller, via Yahoo, Charlie Cook, who makes a living lining up races and predicting outcomes tells the Morning Joe crew that things are getting worse not better for the Democrats. What, no comeback?


Republicans need 39, and I am told actually 45 because Democrats plan on taking 6 R seats in states like Louisiana and Hawaii. But Cook sees no problem. As he tells Joe … 100 seats are in play.

I spoke with my political guru this afternoon about Connecticut. He’s a sometimes crusty guy who has little patience with my ideological rants but I must add, he appreciates the “idealism”. So when he gives you a prediction he’s generally on the money. No longer involved in these races, here’s his take on Connecticut.

Three seats are actually in play in Connecticut. CT 2,4,5. CT 4 and 5 are “lean” Republican now and thinks both will be Rs by Wednesday morning. CT 2 he said is surprisingly close. JP is closing and that makes it in play. CT 1 is close too, but he said he just can’t imagine Larson losing … and then he chuckled again, almost at the delight that even the “safe” Dems are sweating this one out. It could happen in 1 AND 2, but he doubted it.

Don’t believe the polls, he laughed, and the Democrats know it. The McMahon race is single digits. He admits a win will be tough because while the race is close, real close, there may not be enough votes left to close the gap. That race, he said will hinge on turnout, more than any other. It depends, he says, on the size of the Tea Party vote. “She’s done so much good stuff, family stuff. The Make a Wish Foundation, education, and such. I don’t understand why she didn’t tell the world about that weeks ago. But she didn’t. Not getting her in would be a shame, a real shame.”

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  1. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    The predictions are good, well founded, certainly done by a realist. CT is a hard state, too long it has been given to the Democrats, giving them time to entrench themselves into the system, like long tough tree roots. Alas, we have good workers who seek to dig the Democrats out of the trenches and get rid of old wood.

    Linda is a different story,an all out war has been waged on this seat. Dodd was not going to allow it to be let go so easily, the well planned take over of Blumie from Dodd needed to take place and by no means were they willing to give Linda any room to breathe during the campaign. The libs took up much of her time defending herself. If she had not spent so much money campaigning she never would have gotten this far. It is close, we tea partiers are strong, attentive and active, we can do it. Oh yes we can.

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