WFSB skips important facts in Long Beach, Calif. shooting incident

Just watching WFSB News at about 5:40 p.m. ET and Denise D’Ascenzo was reporting on the home invasion and shooting death of a criminal intruder, a “pregnant” 28-year-old woman in Long Beach, Calif. The video report excluded important facts.

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Media can’t get anything right when it comes to firearms

Why do I keep demanding retractions and corrections from media outlets? I’m giving up, they won’t listen and even if they do correct the error they make the exact same error in the future. Journalists don’t know everything, editors are supposed to know more, but the profession is being dumbed-down day-by-day.

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NBC Today talking heads freak out about law enforcement message

A recent radio ad from Milwaukee Counties Sheriff David Clarke suggests people should not depend on law enforcement to be there right when you might need them. The NBC Today show freaked out a bit concerning the suggestion to arm yourself. Read more

Law enforcement AR-15s referred to as “patrol rifles” – not assault weapons – in media

I found this interesting. When the media refers to rifles used by law enforcement during a shooting event, they reference the standard AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as a “patrol rifle” rather than an “assault weapon.”

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Will the Obama administration answer any questions concerning enforcement of obscenity laws?

Many think bringing this subject up is pretty stupid for Republicans, but I just want to point out the Obama administration has remained silent on requests for information concerning their own efforts to enforce obscenity laws.

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Discuss: Should crime reports include race of subject(s) if known?

A story in the Virginia Pilot concerning a home invasion and shooting outside of Norfolk, Va. originally provided a suspect description that included  “black males” but the story was changed to exclude that part of the description. Should editors include black, white, Asian (etc.) as descriptions in news stories when racial identification is pertinent?

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Gas prices “inching up” or “through the roof” – depends on White House resident

When thinking about media coverage concerning gas prices, how different are the approaches today as compared to 2008 when prices went through similar increases?

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Brokaw still irrational: Afraid of walking into Arizona bars

It’s not like I thought he would eventually become rational or anything. Tom Brokaw is not comfortable walking into an Arizona bar on a Saturday night since the state allows their law-abiding citizens to carry a pistol for self-defense. He states the system is “wide open.” That’s a total lie.

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Rhode Island governor digs deeper – advertisers should “shut down” talk radio (Update)

Gov. Lincoln Chaffe’s (I-R.I.) decision to order state executives to stay off talk radio during state time had nothing to do with the wasteful use of state resources. It had everything to do with politics, nothing else. Chafee now states advertisers must shut down talk radio.

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Rhode Island governor bans state employees from talk radio

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I.) will soon send out a directive to state employees. They will not be able to call into or spend any time on talk radio during state time. Chafee claims state resources should not be used to support “ratings driven, for-profit programming.” NPR of course, will be exempt.

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