Featured Video: Five rules for coping with tragedy

Featured video on the site for the next day or so. It’s not what you would call a self-help video, more like a remember these three things when a tragedy happens and all of the news networks are trying to get the news to you “first” whether it right or totally wrong.

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My opinion will not be silenced – Conservatives have rights!

Saturday’s events in Tucson were tragic. For reasons not explained, some 22 year-old nut named Jared Loghner made the choice to visit a peaceful gathering of people, kill six and severely injure 14. Evil manifests itself in many ways all the time, and this is one example. For media pundits, bloggers and politicians to take this evil act and assign blame to anyone other than the shooter and his own demons, is unacceptable.

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Mark Haperin: The Obama coalitions are dead, including the …. media?

Yup. The same Mark Halperin of Time Magazine and MSNBC fame. The coalitions are dead, dead, dead. Mark outlines each one in this very short clip, but even Joe Scarborough can’t resist poking fun at the last coalition that died last night. Read more

Minority Tea Party members spank the main stream media

And about time. It is a magnificent example that all Tea Party members should take note of. Minority members of the Tea Party hold a press conference to explain that the Tea Party attracts people because of ideology not race … much to the dismay of the press. Read more

Newspaper paid circulation drops 8.7%

The market changes. Paid circulation for newspapers have been in decline for years and recent data from the spring Audit Bureau of Circulations is no different. Year-over-year, circulation was down 8.7 percent after a decline of more than 10 percent in the fall.

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Could ratings for CBS and ABC networks get worse?

The media certainly is changing, and major network news outfits including CBS and ABC are loosing audience number as ratings for the first quarter confirm a declining trend. The combined three still have a lot of viewers.

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Too much pred?

Hey, Congressman, I’ve been there. Ever listen to a Vicevich rant on SOC? No? It will make you feel better. But then again, Prednisone will do that to you after a couple of years. Ha! Read more

Dualing headlines concerning housing economy

These reports are based on two different measures, new housing sales and existing housing sales, but tell me if there is a difference in the way the economic news is pitched.

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Waxman suggests federal support for newspapers

Let me make my point clear. The reduction in circulation of newspapers across the country is not – I repeat NOT – a market-place failure. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) thinks the federal government will soon need to step in to support serious journalism currently on the brink of failure.

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Media must step up and inform about health care legislation

This summer, I’ve spent my fair share of time reading complicated legislation that frequently does not make sense. There are thousands of pages with details about tax, regulation and service changes that will impact health care service, quality and cost. I challenge the media to tell us what’s in the bills.

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