Attack in Benghazi, Libya not a reaction to stupid video

More or less, the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three staff members looks to have been the result of a security breach that led a brazen attack and intelligence coup for the radicals in Libya. Not reaction to a movie. This morning, we have an exclusive story in The Independent from the UK.

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Libya and Egypt in violation of United Nations treaty

Some of you may be asking “where were the Marines?” That’s a good question, but I want to know where was the perimeter security for the US Embassies that were attacked.

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Breaking: Four Americans including US Ambassador reported killed in Libya

Arab Fall. Radical Islamic fundamentalists showed their intolerance and hate towards America and the free people of the world again. The Embassy in Cairo was infiltrated, and four Americans at the Libyan Embassy were killed after a movie – of unknown origin – was rumored to insult Muhammad. These rumors give rise to direct attacks on the United States of America.

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Prepared text of Obama’s address on Libya – March 28

To be completely honest, I have not had time to watch any news at all in the last week or even the president’s address on Libya last night, but I know Jim will be discussing it on the big radio show today. Here is the video and text of the speech – as it was prepared – for President Obama.

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I am Spartacus … the Libyan edition

If this weren’t so serious, it would be absurd. Come to think of it, it is absurd. In an attempt to meet the One’s deadline of “days not weeks”,  Hillary Clinton, in a hastily called press conference, handed off command operations for the Libyan no-fly zone to NATO. What makes this all so absurd is the fact that everyone knows who is still really in charge. Everyone knows who Spartacus is. Read more

Who’s in charge here? (Part 2) – Germany pulls forces out of Mediterranean NATO presence

As a follow up to Jim’s post this morning, I’m kind of wondering why the United States media machine is not covering – at all it seems – the fact that Germany pulled forces out of NATO in fear they would be drawn into the conflict with Libya.

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Who’s in charge here? The Obama edition UPDATE: Mission not accomplish?

Hard to say … all I know is it won’t be us, in days not weeks. Right? Last night Newt Gingrich told Sean he thinks this entire Libyan campaign has been botched as bad as any and so far it’s hard to argue with that? Read more

Failure is an option?

There’s been no shortage of criticism of Obama’s decision to set up a no fly zone/air strike on Libya and I think much of it is deserved. I mean, if he wanted to stop civilian killings, why not make this move weeks ago when not only you would have saved lives … but likely would have dethroned Gadhafi? But that’s all water over the dam. This criticism from Britt Hume last night is not an exercise in punditry and I think has real meaning for service people everywhere. Read more

Obama foreign policy … “It’s amateur night”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting tired. Certainly, there are a tremendous number of world events that are stretching the State Department’s abilities, but it does not help if you have a boss that can’t seem to make a decisive decision on anything other than sports picks.

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Video- Libya air attack video on Fox News Crew

I have no idea if a “no fly zone” is a good idea to help the revolutionaries in Libya, but it certainly is the kind of bold move you might expect from a President. But if the young President needed a reason to step in and ground the Libyan Air Force, such as it is, this video might be it. Read more