DNC shows images of Russian warships in tribute to veterans (Interesting Update)

I think the title says it all.

Drudge posted a well substantiated story (and here) about the backdrop images used to “honor” our veterans on the last night of the Democratic convention. It was an image of four Russian Federation ships that are part of their Black Sea Fleet. It also contained seven American F-5 trainer jets that appear to have been Photoshopped into the erroneous image. The image was a backdrop for both Adm. Nathman and John Kerry. In the case of Kerry, it made me laugh out loud.

Either the use of these images was deliberate or an act of incompetence. I will give the Dems the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter. I am sure that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC’s version of Baghdad Bob, will insist that they are American warships, and there were no Russian ships.

The DNC finally concocted an “apology“, blaming it on some “vendor error” using the opportunity to slam Romney and demonstrate Øbama’s “strong record on issues that impact those who have served our nation”. Of course, they couldn’t explain what a “vendor error” was, or how the American F-5’s flying overhead got there, since they aren’t used by the Russian Federation.  Clearly, they couldn’t find any military personnel to use as consultants.

The Navy Times article was a masterful attempt at restrained disbelief, although the attached comments say it all:

Many Navy Times readers have cite the image’s erroneous broadcast as evidence that the Democratic Party was out of touch with veterans.

“A retired admiral with a shot of Soviet-era ships behind him,” one reader, who said he was a Navy vet, commented via Facebook. “Is the Democratic Party that far removed that they can’t check up on a simple picture?”

[Added by Steve] This is a minor issue, that certainly will tick off sailors and Navy retirees. I almost guarantee some graphic designer plucked the image of a warship from iStockPhoto or something and used it for the slide. They got a bit creative and layered on a few fighter jets. That graphic design “professional” would not know the difference as to what is what. That said, if the same mistake was made by the RNC, the DNC and the press would be all over it.

In other words, I don’t expect the head of the DNC and/or the leader of a political party to review every word and slide used at a convention or a campaign appearance. It’s a fun poke, but really does not tell us anything new or important about the DNC or their candidates.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has discovered that, based on the paint scheme and the flying formation, the seven jets in the backdrop were actually Turkish jets, old F-5’s sold to Turkey and other countries.

Maybe they should stop using teenagers to cut and paste together their backdrops….

Talking points: The Tea Party downgrade

When your fiscal house is a mess … who ya gonna blame … The Tea Party! Read more

The Baucus bill “pork”

Now that it’s passed out of  “Finance” (with the help of Maine’s Olympia Snowe), you will be outraged about what follows, unless, of course, you live in Nevada, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.  Several Senators have made sure that the Obamacare rules are different there.

The Baucus Unaffordable Health Care Bill proposes to cover many of the uninsureds by having them insured by Medicaid.  The only problem is that the states pay a large percentage of the cost of Medicaid, and thus, this bill would stick states with some $37 billion in costs at a time when most states are having difficulty balancing their budgets.  Senator Harry Reid (D.NV.), who will be fighting for his political life next November, decided that it would be unfair to shift these costs to his state.  So, under his changes to the bill, the federal government would pay all of Nevada’s increased Medicare costs for the next five years.  Thus, fewer angry voters.

Then we have the tax on the “Cadillac” insurance plans, designed to make sure that those who can afford the best insurance, pay for those who can’t.  Under the Baucus bill, if the value of your employer provided insurance plan exceeds $21,000, you will pay a tax of 40% on any value in excess of $21,000.  However, thanks to Senator Schumer (D.N.Y.), this so called “Cadillac” insurance plan is merely a Volkswagen in his home state of New York.  There will be no tax in New York until the value of the plan exceeds $25,000.

Then we have the $2.3 billion annual tax on pharmaceuticals, many of which are located in New Jersey.  This tax was supposed to go into the Medicare Trust Fund.  But, enter, Senator Bob Menendez (D. N.J.)…he negotiated a $1 billion tax credit, but, to show he is a hard-liner, the tax credit only applies to companies investing in R&D.  Huh…don’t they all?

And finally, Senators Debbie Stabenow (D. Mich.) and John Kerry (D.Ma.) were able to include a $5 billion reinsurance program for unions that is designed to lower the medical costs of union members.  I can only assume that Senators Stabenow and Kerry didn’t get the memo…the Baucus bill  is being sold to Americans as something that will “lower medical costs”.  Or, do they know something they are not telling us?

As the Wall Street Journal points out,

Most senators are saving up their special state demands for when the bill hits the Senate floor. At that point, we’ll get an even better idea of how much health-care change Democrats truly believe in.

Anyone want to guess what the final tab will be?