Biden: Illegal aliens are already American citizens

This is unprecedented. This man is one heartbeat or impeachment/conviction vote from the Oval Office and he’s claiming illegal aliens – in his mind – are all American citizens. Not residents mind you, but citizens. Does he know the difference? He thinks they should all be able to immediately vote … the ultimate dream for statists.

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Expected: Obama will campaign to bail out Detriot

Why not? Certainly if the federal government can come in and write unique and precedent-setting bankruptcy rules for General Motors, they can do the same thing for Detroit. For those of you who think Detroit’s problems belong to the city and Michigan, you’re wrong. You’re going to end up paying for it.

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More bad firearm advice from Joe Biden – Shoot through a door

Actually, this could be criminal. If someone told you it was perfectly acceptable to fire a round through a door at a target you had not identified, how do you think that would go over?

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Joe Biden has no clue concerning firearms – “Get a double barrel…”

Buy a double barreled shotgun, you don’t need an AR-15. “It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.” That’s the advice Vice President Joe Biden gave via video today. He is lying to you and does not know what he is talking about.

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Biden agrees: New laws will not stop future mass shootings

Gee, I wish I had figured that out on my own. Vice President Joe Biden has stepped up and admitted new laws would probably not stop all mass shootings in the future.

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Obligatory: VP Joe “Feel My Touch” Biden welcomes new senators

Vice President Joe Biden certainly took a hands-on approach to his duties while he met senators during a mock swearing-in photo shoot yesterday. Joe will be Joe, and we can be pretty certain Binden has met most of these people before, but you have to love the occasional awkward moment. One anchor on the Today show this morning thought Biden was a blast. Read more

Someone PLEASE … Caption this – Biden & a few bikers (Updates)

No words. Just look at the expression on the faces of these guys. I’m pretty certain there is a fourth person behind and to the right of the vice president.

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Fact-checking Joe Biden

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit noted Vice President Joe Biden encouraged the press to fact-check his statements on Romney’s Medicare plan – discussed here – and took the liberty to remind the VP the press has been fact-checking him.

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Biden: “Romney will implement Medicare vouchers” – Obama pilots voucher plan already!

In Ohio during an appearance yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden claimed the GOP Medicare plan would result in a bankrupt program by 2016 and become “vouchercare” where those on the plan would be on their own to use a voucher to find insurance.

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Biden: Osama bin Laden raid most audacious plan in more than 500 years!

Vice President Joe Biden’s changing up history. Actually, he’s ignoring successful historical military events unless they took place after the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama.

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