He’s a dreamer … let him go

Union representatives for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol are claiming leadership and management is requiring line officers to release – without charges – illegal aliens who may fall into the DREAM-Act category. As usual, law enforcement can’t ask for any papers, even after they have been arrested for crimes.

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California cities becoming selective about Arizona boycotts

Of course they are being selective, you can’t expect them to actually stand on principle would you? California cities buckle when it comes to energy, water, traffic cameras and Tasers provided by Arizona companies.

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Too much: suspected illegal immigrant hits MA Rep Mike Moran and laughs

A Bay State Rep gets rear-ended by a suspected illegal alien and the perp responds by saying, come and get me copper. In any other state this is the kind of story that would come down on Governor Deval Patrick like a ton of bricks. After all, he’s the guy that made it illegal to check for illegal, you know what I’m saying. But the best part of this story is the absolute arrogance on the part of the alleged perp. Read more