Vegetable garden tyranny in Florida

A couple in Florida has had to dig up the garden they have had on their property for more than 17 years. The vegetable garden – until this past May – was perfectly legal and did not break any zoning regulations.

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Let’s create more dumb students

This is scandalous. Unfortunately, it comes from the Board of Education  of the State of Florida. That would be my Board of Education. Read more

Florida gains access to federal data base to identify illegal voters

This saga began months ago when Florida started reviewing voter rolls in an attempt to identify non-citizens on those lists and purge them from the rolls.  Among other things, Florida sought access to a Department of Homeland Security data base that would assist in this process.  Not only was Florida denied such access, but Attorney General Eric Holder filed suit against the state seeking to block any purging of the rolls. Read more

Florida opts out of Medicaid expansion

Now that the Supreme Court has decided that the federal government, under Obamacare, can’t put a gun to the head of the states on Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, the states are reacting.  Prior to that ruling, if a state did not agree to greatly expand its Medicaid coverage, the federal government could withhold all Medicaid funding, not just the “expansion” funding. Read more

You mean I have to spel gud? Update

Yesterday, the State of Florida released the results of the state’s mandatory writing test for fourth, eighth and tenth graders.  The scores were so shocking that the State Board of Education has called an emergency meeting for 10:30 this morning. Read more

Voter fraud in Florida – Non-citizens registered to vote … and voting

Voter fraud is voter fraud. I don’t care if the fraud is perpetuated by Democrats, Republicans or Martians. As far as I’m concerned, those who illegally vote in the United States invalidate the vote of a citizen. We need to tighten down the voter registration process, validate voter rolls and demand positive ID at polling places.

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Florida Results: Mitt 47%, conservatives 45%

Even if Gingrich or Santorum pulled out of the race prior to the Florida primary, and all of their votes went to the other, Mitt Romney would have still won Florida by a couple of points. If you’re of the belief Gingrich and Santorum represents the conservative point of view … what does this tell us?

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Did Gingrich pack the debate audience with supporters in South Carolina?

If Gingrich’s camp is going to come out and explain last nights loud audience support for Romney was a clear indication the organizers “packed the room” with Romney supporters, Romney should fire back implying Gingrich “packed the room” with his own supporters in South Carolina.

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Romney’s plan? Attack early, eventually Gingrich will go negative…

… and Newt Gingrich doesn’t do well when he has to go negative.

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Conn. Attorney General thinks Florida has weak eligibility requirements for a pistol permit?

During an interview with Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen this morning with Jim Vicevich on the big radio show, Jepsen mentioned multiple times that Florida hands out pistol permits too easily as compared to Connecticut. Let’s look at the requirements shall we?

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