North Korea update: Cuba send military jets and missiles, small arms not banned

The United Nations supposedly has strict sanctions on the North Korean communist state. This week, we learn that Cuba violated those sanctions by hiding two Mig-21 fighter jets, missiles and anti-aircraft systems under sacks of sugar in a cargo ship and tried to send them to Kim Jong Un. The ship made it to Panama before it was intercepted in mid-July.

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Crazy Talk: Reuters thinks most Cubans have not paid taxes in 50 years

Pull me out of this spin machine! The media at Reuters posted a story early this morning – now highlighted on Drudge Report – that gives readers the impression Cubans have not paid taxes in 50 years all-the-while getting their free services.

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Obama: Where was I in 2004?

Ok I know … it was sarcastic … I think? But if Bush had done it … you know … somewhere in Illinois a village is missing an “”. You get the idea. More to the point, another campaign promise expired. This time on Cuba.


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“There is no place for this kind of Tyranny”
“Elections that are anything but free or fair, of dissidents locked away in prison cells for the crime of speaking the truth”
“I won’t stand for this injustice”
“Together we will stand up for freedom in Cuba”

Until I become President of course, then this promise like all the others will have an expiration date…