Hope and Change Scorecard – Video Added

First Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised us the most honest and ethical Congress (video below) in history. Since then William Jefferson (D-LA) was found with cash in the freezer, Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangle (D-NY) laden with tax problems, a major benefactor of Jack Murtha (D-PA) gets raided by the Feds, not to mention Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide) still hasn’t quite explained his relationship with failed lender Countrywide.

The Obama administration promised us a new direction. He promised us a new way of doing business in Washington. He promised an open and honest Government.

Since then his Secretary of Commerce nominee Bill Richardson (D-NM) withdraws his name from consideration as the Feds investigate what role he may have played in a pay for play scandal. His new Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, the man who overseas the IRS, slides through on party lines, even though its learned he failed to pay his taxes in 2001 … oh and 2002, 2003,2004,2005 … well you get the idea. His Attorney General, the law man in chief, the man who recommended Bill Clinton pardon 12 Puerto Rican terrorists and the FBI’s most wanted arms merchant, will be asked to investigate the Bush Administration on … ummm … the war on terror. And after telling the world no lobbyists in his administration … he quickly appoints two lobbyists to … his administration.


Here’s the latest in our roundup of ethical Democrats.

Feel free to add anything. Oh … and before you think of adding any Republicans … they didn’t make the promise … and we have already given them their comeuppance.

And just to remind you … remember what she said in 2006. The relevant portion starts at :53. Try not to gag.


Oh My …. $850 Billion Dollars

I was not going to post but Drudge and HotAir have featured it and it really is worth the watch. This is my own recording so it should play well. The Democrats have finally introduced “Son of Bailout”. That prompted this response from House Minority Leader John Boehner (R) Ohio, “Oh my God”.  From “Live Desk” on Fox News … just before 3PM …  


What did he see? Ummm … read for yourself. 

At $825 billion, the legislation would be one of the largest bills ever to move through Congress, and by traditional standards, lawmakers were moving with unusual speed. Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Senate Majority Leader, have pledged to have it ready for Obama’s signature by mid-February.

The measure calls for $87 billion to help the states meet the rising cost of providing health care for the poor in the recession, and another $39 billion to subsidize coverage by out-of-work wage-earners who cannot afford the cost of their employer-covered health care.

More than $100 billion is ticketed for education, including money for school districts to shield them from the effects of state cutbacks in services. Democrats also provided tens of billions in spending and tax breaks designed to lessen the nation’s dependence on oil as a principal source of energy.

No wait … the Democrats forgot one thing … you.

The measure does not include money to help middle- to upper-income taxpayers ensnared in the alternative minimum tax, which was originally designed to prevent the extremely wealthy from avoiding payment of taxes but now threatens more than 20 million tax filers. Several officials said the Senate was likely to include that provision in its version of the bill, a step that could push the overall total close to $900 billion.

Democrat majority could hurt liberal cause

Could the Democrat majority cause some in the party to rethink their approach to certain issues? That is the question I have been thinking about for the past few weeks.

When you have the power to make things happen – the Democrats have an almost filibuster-proof majority in the Senate – do you really want to be the ones to pass legislation that could do long term harm to the United States or the economy?

Previously, Democrats could talk big on a specific issue, and if the legislation did not move forward, they could blame Republicans for not coming to the table to compromise. With a strong majority, that option will not necessarily be available. The left now expects the Democrats to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Morrissey over at Hot Air provides us a heads-up in todays WSJ about Senate Democrats waffling on Card Check.

The Wall Street Journal detects a marked decrease in enthusiasm among the Democratic majority in the Senate for Card Check. Until now, support came easy for people like Mark Pryor as long as they knew that Republicans would block the bill from becoming law. Now that they have an almost filibuster-proof majority, Democrats have begun to think twice about becoming the party that killed the secret ballot.

From the Journal’s opinion piece by Kim Strassel.

Paradoxically, it’s Mr. Reid’s bigger majority that is now hurting him. In 2007, he got every Democrat (save South Dakota’s Tim Johnson, who was out sick) to vote for cloture. But it was an easy vote. Democrats like Mr. Pryor knew the GOP held the filibuster, and that Mr. Bush stood ready with a veto. Now that Mr. Reid has 58 seats, red-state Democrats in particular are worried they might actually have to pass this turkey, infuriating voters and businesses back home.

AP story notes Republican involvement in GSE mess

I’m fully on board with blaming Democrat lawmakers in Washington for contributing to the mortgage crisis that started with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Republicans introduced legislation that would more closely regulate the government sponsored entities (GSEs). Democrats – including Barney Frank (D-Mass.) – blocked that legislation, all but calling those asking for the changes racist.

Fox News and bloggers brought those stories to light, and now the Associated Press has written a story targeting former Republican lawmakers and staffers who were hired in 2006 by the GSEs to help keep Congress off their back. I’m willing to hear the evidence from 2006, but remember that the damage was already done by this time.

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Congress sucks, but my guy is great – he brings home the bacon

Of course, this particular Republican is from Michigan, one of the many elected leaders from that state demanding a federal bailout of the auto industry. During an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Joe Knollenberg, a Republican congressman from Michigan, told Cavuto it’s not his money.

Republicans like Knollenberg loose elections because of policies like this, and he did.

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Idiots in Congress put Marines at Risk

This is what happens when congressional representatives show-boat about how Bush is not delivering what the troops need in battle. They have no idea what they are talking about, but they push and push. We have to do something! Guess there were no user acceptance testing involved.

Marines Call New Body Armor Heavy, Impractical
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
By Jennifer Griffin, FOX News
BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Pentagon and Marine Corps authorized the purchase of 84,000 bulletproof vests in 2006 that not only are too heavy but are so impractical that some U.S. Marines are asking for their old vests back so they can remain agile enough to fight.

Marine Commandant Gen. James Conway wants to know who authorized the costly purchase of the nearly 30-pound flak jackets and has ordered the Marine procurement officers at the Quantico base in Virginia to halt the rest of an unfilled order, FOX News has learned.

“I’m not quite sure how we got to where we are, but what I do know is it is not a winner,” Conway told FOX News at the end of his recent trip to Iraq.

Read the rest.

I’m certain that some representative went out and deemed the problem solved; buy spending millions of dollars on equipment that will not work. Wonderful.

He Said, He Said – Congress Investigates Steroid Use

I have not thought too much about steroid use in baseball, but there is one thing that I’m certain of, Congress has specific responsibilities listed in the U.S. Constitution and there is no mention of hearing on steroids in baseball.

Fox News is covering the hearings live. Here is the opening statement from Roger Clemens.

When the commissioner of baseball named former Senate majority leader George Mitchell to run baseball’s investigation into the issue, that was fine. But why are we now in front of some Senate committee?

How did the committee get access to Clemens’ medical records? Maybe Clemens provided them, I do not know, but I feel uncomfortable with a senator reading private medical documents in this hearing; and you should too.

This is a complete waist of time and dollars. What will the result of these hearing be? Must be some federal legislation – yeah, we need more of that.