He Said, He Said – Congress Investigates Steroid Use

I have not thought too much about steroid use in baseball, but there is one thing that I’m certain of, Congress has specific responsibilities listed in the U.S. Constitution and there is no mention of hearing on steroids in baseball.

Fox News is covering the hearings live. Here is the opening statement from Roger Clemens.

When the commissioner of baseball named former Senate majority leader George Mitchell to run baseball’s investigation into the issue, that was fine. But why are we now in front of some Senate committee?

How did the committee get access to Clemens’ medical records? Maybe Clemens provided them, I do not know, but I feel uncomfortable with a senator reading private medical documents in this hearing; and you should too.

This is a complete waist of time and dollars. What will the result of these hearing be? Must be some federal legislation – yeah, we need more of that.