Congress sucks, but my guy is great – he brings home the bacon

Of course, this particular Republican is from Michigan, one of the many elected leaders from that state demanding a federal bailout of the auto industry. During an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Joe Knollenberg, a Republican congressman from Michigan, told Cavuto it’s not his money.

Republicans like Knollenberg loose elections because of policies like this, and he did.

That’s the problem with RINOs and liberals in Congress. They really think that it’s their money to distribute as they see fit. Will this crap start a new revolution?

It’s about entitlement programs and job security, for some damn reason people tend to vote for incumbents even though the approval rating for congress is about 18 percent. At the same time, about 90 percent of incumbents are put back in office. It’s the “oh Congress sucks, but my congressman is a good guy since he brings federal dollars back to my district” theory of politics.

If you bring home the bacon, you can be a total idiot – including calling Marines murderers – and still get re-elected as long as you bring back tons of cash.

Hot Air and Malkin both ran with the story and video first posted by our man Jim Vicevich at Radio Vice Online.

Here’s the video.

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