Correction: Congress and their Obamacare health care choices

On Oct. 30, I made the assumption Congress – since they are on an employer-based plan – would not have to sign up on an Obamacare website because of the employer mandate delay. I was incorrect, they do have to sign up online for a plan now, but we now know why they are not complaining about the process or the prices.

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Politicians loaning their own campaigns money … collecting high interest revenue

What an ingenious revenue-generating idea! Politicians are loaning their own campaign money and letting the cash sit in campaign coffers at an interest rate MUCH higher than bank rates. The politicians collect the interest and keep it for themselves, allowing for an ongoing money-laundering scheme.

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Let’s get Congress and staffers into the individual Obamacare market

Originally, the Affordable Care Act had a provision (the Grassley Amendment) that would put members of Congress into the federal health care exchanges. Grassley’s intent was for member to keep their employer coverage provided by the federal government, but require they choose from the same choices others have on the exchanges. That got screwed up and there was some back-and-forth, but I have an idea…

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Lautenberg “death gratuity” granted, eliminated, and now granted again

More salt on the wound today. Bonnie Englebart is the wife of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-Pa.) with a current net worth exceeding $50 million. The American taxpayers will write the widow Lautenberg a tax free check for $174,000 as a “thank you.”

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Obamacare: the arrogance of the elite

Steve posted a short piece about this today, and I would like to expand upon it.  Let me begin with the words of Dr. Donald Berwick, the President’s original pick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Read more

This is my congressman…

Daniel Webster (R. Fl.).  Whether you live in his district or not, please read on.  Read more

Congress is closed

My Dad always used to say that any day Congress was not in session was a good day.  But I think even he would be appalled at the following information. Read more

Weekend Video: Rep. Kelly on the House floor … Overwhelming regulations

Hat tip to Phineas at Sister Toldjah. In short, President Obama and the Democrats promised to look at and reduce overwhelming federal regulations, but they keep writing new ones every friggin’ day.

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Summer of Recovery

Just two short years ago, seems longer to me, the Obama administration hailed
that it was to be “The Summer of Recovery”.   The stimulus bill was passed by congress, both the house and senate, of course it was alL under the control of the Democrats.

WILD and EXOTIC claims were made that this new law would spur the creation of
250,000 – 500,000 new jobs per month.   Vice President Joe Biden boldly  predicted this type of
job growth himself. Well it has been two years since the passage of the stimulus bill, and Americans are still waiting. Read more

Congress and insider trading – Obama thinks it’s obvious we should ban it

This is a perfect example of Democrats reaching out with obvious solutions that everyone should agree on. Hah! Again, they attempt to treat a symptom, but do nothing at all to cure the disease.

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