A “Reasonable Profits Board” would not stop with the oil and gas industry

Really, where do these Democrats get off targeting one specific industry as evil and unreasonable since they – by some arbitrary decree – think the industry makes too much money?

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Sarah Palin almost gets it – Solving the graft problem in Congress

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning, Sarah Palin writes about graft inside the beltway, and the recently released “Throw Them All Out” by Peter Schweizer. Her suggestion to increase transparency and add layers of bureaucracy to monitor and restrict financial moves by members of Congress might work at the state level, but in Washington it would be treating symptoms, not the disease itself.

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Obama wants to bypass the will of the people (Congress)

The United States Constitution and our founding fathers stipulated the people are represented in our federal government by our elected representatives in Congress. President Obama would rather circumvent Congress since it’s not controlled by Democrats.

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Responsibility for the national debt part deux: control of the purse strings of Congress is the real determinant

While presidents bear some responsibility for the debt and deficit spending, the major responsibility lies with Congress.

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Oil company executives stand up to Congress

I don’t blame them if some of the answers were confrontational. This attack on big oil profits with Congress-critters spouting off crap like “don’t you think it’s better to give kids education grants instead of giving you profit” is unmistakably stupid. I’m sick of these attacks.

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Congress strikes back: the FCC and the NLRB

As you may recall, the FCC’s  Christmas present to America was a rule, issued December 23, 2010, that restricts how Internet service providers (like Verizon, or AT&T, or a host of others) manage traffic on their own Internet systems.  The FCC’s rule was “in response” to a decision by the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals that held that the FCC had absolutely no Congressional authority to regulate the Internet. Read more

Duplicate state and federal programs just tip of the iceberg

I’ve got a serious issue with the fact government bureaucrats think it is necessary to have – as an example – a local Department of Education, a state Department of Education and a federal Department of Education. I’ve chronicled the graft this process creates, the favors politicians trade and “we won, you lost” stupidity that has driven our nation into a bunch of beggars demanding more and more. Now we see there are even more duplicate projects at the federal level.

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Defund public TV? Nope, Obama proposes 7% increase for Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The headline probably should read “Cartoon characters hold Capital press conference – beg for lives” or something. I’m not talking about the fuzzy red guy or the big yellow bird.

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Will there be a Congressional review of Obama administration czars?

Michelle Malkin asks the question. This seems to be one of those discussions where almost all Republicans and a quite a few Democrats can agree on. The Executive branch power extension is ticking off some in the Legislative branch. Will Obama hold the line, close some czar offices, or try to grab more power?

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Why all the fuss about reading the US Constitution yesterday?

Really now. What’s the problem with taking less than one hour on the House floor to read one of our founding documents? It’s not like we’re asking members of Congress to read the 2,500 page health care reform legislation or anything…

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