Document Drop – Connecticut governor releases layoff numbers to meet $1.6 billion in cuts

This afternoon, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s (D) office released their suggestion to lay off about 5,466 state employees and leave 1,000 open positions unfilled.

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Matthews: Stop bitching about the deficit and name some cuts – Congressman Ryan: OK, fasten your seat belt

This is a perfect example of why, when a Congressman knows his stuff, he can handle even the dumbest questions. Matthews demands, name one item you will cut from the budget. Ryan, I’ll name more than one. Here we go. Read more

Chris Christie Redux

If Governor Chris Christie (R, NJ) can cut a budget deficit of $11 billion dollars with his first budget … why is it Connecticut anguishes over a “projected gap” of $3 billion. Why is it the only way they could close the current gap was with smoke and mirrors. I’ll take one those Christie people, please. Read more