Document Drop – Connecticut governor releases layoff numbers to meet $1.6 billion in cuts

This afternoon, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s (D) office released their suggestion to lay off about 5,466 state employees and leave 1,000 open positions unfilled.

The release (PDF, 48KB), details the proposed number of positions for 2012 and the number of layoffs planned to get to that goal. Statewide, this document indicates a 14 percent reduction in the state workforce with some departments – like the Department of Consumer Protection – being cut 22 percent (48 employees).

The total reduction to municipal aid – which would not include state layoffs – totals $54,410,000. There are three other reductions that do not imply layoffs (State Treasurer Debt Service, State Comptroller Fringe Benefits and OPM Reserve for Salary Adjustments). Add those four items up you get more than $432 million of the total cuts. That’s more than one-quarter of the total if that means anything.

You should be able to sort the table below by column by clicking the arrows in the column headers. Yes, this took a small amount of work and one or two numbers or percentages may have been translated incorrectly. Please pass on the link to this page and note any errors in the comments section or send us an email. (Note the percent reduction column is not sorting properly. Sorry.)

Agency2012 PositionsReductionReduction (%)2012 Change2013 Change
Department of Correction6493101916% $62,917,573 $78,050,476
Department of Transportation329281725% $78,339,774 $83,104,251
Department of Developmental Services361754015% $34,164,883 $43,140,188
Dept Mental Health & Addiction Svs Dept Mental Health & Addiction Svs357848614% $31,121,834 $41,568,842
Judicial Branch470845010% $43,205,632 $42,961,413
Board of Regents for Higher Education44634039% $20,520,500 $28,246,000
Department of Children and Families336435911% $25,224,420 $28,573,998
University of Connecticut290133312% $20,000,000 $22,500,000
Dept of Emerg Serv and Public Prot163428517% $20,221,304 $21,315,596
Department of Social Services180623913% $47,409,667 $74,502,526
Department of Education170620112% $27,830,359 $31,260,234
Univ of Connecticut Health Center164116510% $9,900,000 $0
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection85213616% $10,511,239 $11,837,648
Department of Motor Vehicles57511320% $6,189,611 $7,367,964
Department of Administrative Services5479517% $11,406,917 $13,028,858
Department of Public Health5248717% $8,931,458 $10,364,010
Department of Revenue Services7348512% $3,611,002 $4,404,027
Division of Criminal Justice4988417% $5,925,864 $7,236,467
Statewide Reductions66 $7,937,169 $13,067,991
Legislative Branch579509% $9,000,000 $13,000,000
Department of Consumer Protection2154822% $2,657,597 $3,167,592
Department of Veterans Affairs2794717% $4,764,688 $4,754,318
State Comptroller2734015% $2,527,953 $3,111,920
Department of Labor2193114% $1,723,500 $2,098,500
Office of Policy and Management1482920% $2,918,840 $2,931,040
CommHuman Rights & Opportunities802430% $1,982,761 $1,598,717
Dept of Economic and Community Development1032322% $16,242,250 $16,542,250
Agricultural Experiment Station672030% $1,187,197 $1,337,197
Bureau of Rehabilitation Services1092018% $2,508,503 $2,892,585
Attorney General288207% $1,744,352 $1,995,636
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner581526% $1,016,115 $1,165,095
Office of Governmental Accountability Total861517% $1,567,244 $1,548,484
Department of Construction Services881517% $803,674 $952,690
Secretary of the State881517% $756,233 $949,480
Office of Protection and Advocacy311342% $622,937 $830,583
State Library611118% $2,670,034 $2,810,034
Department of Agriculture581017% $702,168 $811,768
Teachers' Retirement Board27830% $540,442 $660,442
State Treasurer49816% $687,366 $795,366
Insurance Department14175% $831,037 $813,608
Military Department46613% $750,094 $885,937
Workers' Compensation Commission11765% $675,413 $676,985
Department of Banking Department of Banking12065% $685,763 $895,700
Financial and Academic Affairs for Higher Ed15320% $4,204,884 $26,842,357
Governor's Office27311% $255,880 $249,115
Council on Environmental Quality22100% $142,856 $167,275
Lieutenant Governor's Office Lieutenant Governor's Office9222% $170,000 $170,000
Office of the Healthcare Advocate9222% $150,300 $202,800
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund 9222% $90,000 $120,000
Psychiatric Security Review Board4125% $54,821 $75,634
Office of Consumer Counsel1417% $79,109 $105,087
Municipal Aid* $54,418,969 $54,477,576
OPM Reserve for Salary Adjustments $44,932,322 $0
State Comptroller Fringe Benefits $43,223,518 $190,972,318
State Treasurer Debt Service $21,371,068 $1,895,767
Totals46352646614% $704,029,094 $905,034,345
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  1. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    Finally something in black and white—————-I say he doesn’t have? ummmmmmmmm you know those lil round or kidney shaped things.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    The union heads had an opportunity to work with the Governor, on behalf of the rank and file, ?and they chose not to. ?Now these people will suffer because of this poor leadership. ?Just what benefit does the membership derive from this leadership vacuum? ?The union bosses are still getting paid, and paid plenty. Wouldn’t these workers have been much better off ?dealing from the top and excluding these union types altogether? ?Just sayin’!

  3. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    Even ripping off the cities for $54 mill & the $21 mill for”debt service”? still don’t come very close to $2 bills.

  4. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Wonder if it will take malloy as long as it’s taken obama to craft a viable budget?
    He’s not going to close the 1.6 billion gap.? While he said he won’t raise taxes anymore than he already has, what other choice will he have?? Aaaand with his dem cronies in the legislature, he’ll just ram those tax increases thru, blame the unions and get reelected.? Politics as usual.? This is one I’ve gotta walk away from–and by walk away, I mean get my affairs in order and start looking to move out of CT.
    Based on wfsb news this a.m., the total number of state employee layoffs is currently hovering at around 3820…just over half the number he said he would lay off if union concessions weren’t made.? And I’m sorry, not filling 1000 currently vacant jobs (that currently cost us $0) doesn’t count as a cut.? How stupid does he think we are?

  5. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    The attorney general’s office was among the departments with the lowest relative percentage of layoffs. That’s smart thinking. It’s crucial to be able to continue suing businesses to provide an environment that nourishes prosperity for all.

  6. joe_m
    joe_m says:

    And this budget funds all pension liabilities?
    $1.6 billion, just a tad shy of $2 billion and let?s not forget : (from the CT Mirror Dec 2010)
    State government had $9.35 billion in assets in the pension fund as of June 30, compared with $21.1 billion in obligations, which together represent a funded ratio of 44.4 percent. Actuaries typically cite a ratio of 80 percent as fiscally healthy.

    Fuzzy math – $16.88 billion – 9.35 Billion = $7.53 billion short.

    Hey, state employees, if I were you I’d be worried. With this kind of debt piling up, many taxpayers?will be jumping ship (or state) and then who will pay for all this?

    Time to go Galt.

  7. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    Don’t forget that the unions are going to try to ram another vote on the contract through from the membership.
    Hmmm, with some actual layoff numbers for the union leadership to rail against, maybe the second or third, or more, vote, will finally get the governor what he wants? A HUGE union giveaway!
    And all for the people of CON-necticut.

  8. pauldow
    pauldow says:

    You’re all forgetting the $180,000,000 that will be saved over two years by implementing the ideas that are submitted in the state employee suggestion boxes.
    That’s money we can take to the bank.

  9. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    hee hee heeeeeeee!? union employee suggestion boxes…can you imagine what kinda loo-loo stuff is going to crop up in those???

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