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As noted in posts earlier, state Democrats from the state of Connecticut along with Governor M Jodi Rell (R) are going all in with tax increases and increased fees. On Friday, Jim posted about increased taxes and the elimination of tax-exempt status for some items. On March 31, Steve pulled specific details about increased fees across the board for every state application and permit.

The Connecticut House Republicans have released a five minute video providing a recap. You hear from Rep. Larry Cafero and Rep. Rosa Rebimbas.

We also have a letter from Cafero sent to constituents. So, what are you doing about it? You can also find more information at the Official House Republican Blog.

The Democratic budget is bad news for the taxpayers and citizens of Connecticut. We were all quite disappointed on April 2nd to learn that it took the Democrats three-fifths of the legislative session to produce a budget that raises taxes by $3.3 billion, increases spending and borrows hundreds of millions of dollars from our children. There was no effort to reduce the size of state government or achieve any savings.
The Democratic budget makes it a lot more expensive to live, work, drive, own property or a business or pass away in Connecticut.  And forget streamlining the functions of government: Despite a multi-billion dollar deficit, the Democrats actually proposed increasing the size of government in an attempt to somehow make it smaller. Their budget calls for hiring three additional state workers for a total of $200,000, plus benefits, for their brand new Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes.
The tax and spending plan has already been approved by the Appropriations and Finance committees without any Republican support and now heads to the House and Senate.  In the coming weeks the public will learn just how destructive this proposal is:
  • $3.3 billion in new taxes. The Democrats try to call it a “millionaire’s tax’’ but anyone making $132,500 would be hit with a 20-percent tax hike;
  • No effort was made to streamline state agencies or have consolidations as Republicans have proposed;
  • All couples earning $46,725 will lose their $500 property tax credit beginning next year;
  • Dozens of items and services previously exempt would now fall under the state’s 6 percent sales tax, from accounting services to manufacturing equipment to incontinence pads in order to help close the deficit and balance the budget.
  • There is a 30 percent surcharge on corporations and a 30 percent increase in the estate tax.
Republicans were shut of the process and the Democrats crafted the plan in secret. Despite all this, we remain willing to work together on behalf of all of Connecticut.  The fiscal crisis we find ourselves in must be fixed but fixed in a responsible manner.
Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
Larry Cafero
House Republican Leader
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  1. Darlene on April 5, 2009 at 9:50 am

    And one might ask … What can we do?  Can you say TEA PARTY April 15th?  If you don't show and make your voices heard against this, then your voice will be heard as permission to the government that this behavior is acceptible to you.   I am personally outraged at the liberties this government has taken with our money, our choices and our decisions.  I have had enough!!

  2. Dimsdale on April 6, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Genius.  Pure genius.  Ride the rich and businesses out of the state on a rail. 

    Did they forget to expand the illegal New Haven illegal immigrant cards for the whole state?

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