Run! Run as fast as you can … from Obama and Pelosi

Hey, it’s not just Connecticut digging a moat to keep out Democrat leadership. This is just a little addendum to the top news post today.

It’s actually 3 days old (wow, the news cycle moves fast) but well worth watching I think. “I don’t work for Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or anyone else,” says Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-NC. “I work for you.” He goes on to say he voted against the “Wall Street bailouts, the auto bailouts, the energy tax.” Oh brother.


Jake Tapper, via Hot Air, has a great round up of the long list of Democrats making like John Droney, including campaign ads. Great stuff. A real snorter.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called them her “majority makers” – the moderate to conservative Democrats in right-leaning districts whose election in 2006 made her Speaker.

And now many of them – and other Democrats in competitive districts — are fighting for their political lives in a harsh environment and have found it necessary to distance themselves from their leaders and Democratic policies.

You can almost hear them saying “Obama? I don’t know him. Never met him. Hey, when you run as the Messiah you can probably expect this kind of stuff.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The word "radioactive" comes to mind.  You would think that "now that the bill is passed and we have had a chance to see what is in it", we'd be falling all over ourselves to vote Democrat!


    Or so the Democrats thought.  Then they woke up.  Or will, in November.


    You can't keep ramming stuff down people's throats without expecting them to throw up eventually.

  2. DanWH
    DanWH says:

    This whole situation reminds me of a joke President Reagan used to tell. He said that when he was on the Capitol steps during the inauguration Howard Baker said to him "Mr President I want you to know I'll be with you through thick" Reagan responded "What about thin?" Baker responded "Welcome to Washington"


    It seems times are thin right now. So Mr President, Speaker Pelosi, Welcome to Washington.

  3. AMD-Torr
    AMD-Torr says:


    I can hear Nancy writing Rep Mike McIntyre's name on her "naughty" list as we speak.  I hope for his sake there is an overturn of Congress this year, otherwise these dems will all be sent to the principal's office.

    However, something about his commercial reminds me of Basil.  Numbering the "issues" for us dumb folk out here! All we need is the bad graphics and the swaying.

  4. scottm
    scottm says:

    That's politics, he's from a red state.  Most politicians say whatever will get them elected, look at John McCain after he got attacked from the right in the primaries. 

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Campaign promises aren't worth the "hope and change" they are written on.


    Are CT's blue state pols begging Øbama and Pelosi to come?

  6. TomL
    TomL says:

    According to my research the congressman voted against obamacare wonder why he didn't mention it? Could it be he's afraid of nancy?

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