Notify Homeland Security: Shahzad part of Taliban plot

Not a lone wolf, not an outlier but rather a well funded and well trained, Taliban endorsed, with the official terrorist seal of approval. Says Eric Holder, Faisal Shahzad — a U.S. citizen — likely acted on the Taliban’s direction. His weapon of choice. A US passport.

Officials say the plot proves foreign networks are intent on using American citizens to launch deadly attacks on U.S. soil. Attorney General Eric Holder and White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said Sunday that the investigation has revealed that the Pakistani Taliban were behind the failed attack, and that suspect Faisal Shahzad — a U.S. citizen — likely acted on their direction.


This is all a pretty far cry from Janet Napolitano’s insistence last week Shahzad was a lone wolf. Now not only are we told he’s not a lone wolf but [art of a growing army that intends to use their citizenship as a weapon.

This could be why Lieberman reiterated his desire to strip these guys of their citizenship.


I am not saying I am for or against this. I certainly would love to see these guys stripped of citizenship but in my world timing is everything. And how long before some crazed politician uses this law on a tea party person? Hmmm? I wonder whether the climate is strong enough to pass this through or if the folks who are so concerned with the Arizona illegal immigration bill will step up on this one too.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    To my way of thinking, stripping a terrorist of his citizenship would be a singular waste of time, because they would have had to have committed an act of terrorism to have this done, and that is classic "closing the barn door after the horses have run free" thinking.  They can't arbitrarily  strip potential "terrorists" of their citizenship because of their race or any number of trips to Pakistan, as that would be racist profiling, and Øbama and Holder could never go for that!  Think about all the interviews with the neighbors: "he kept to himself", "a friendly guy" etc., etc.  They aren't walking around with AK 47s and tattoos of Mullah Omar on their chests.


    Home grown moles can, and will, come and go as they please.  The ACLU and the lawyers would have a field day with this proposed legislation.


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