Liz Cheney: Luck is not a successful terror policy

After listening to John Brennan this morning Liz Cheney has more than a point. In one short statement she has outlined a glaring weakness in the White House’s approach to terror. As long a a bomb doesn’t explode, for whatever reason, we’re doing our job. To the contrary says Cheney, a terrorist’s incompetence  is not a reason to celebrate victory of policy.


Yet on the same show, National Security Advisor John Brennan, first tries to hide behind the cover of the troops in Afghanistan (one of those, you tell the soldiers we are not successful, lines) and then admits that some will use their citizenship to fly under the radar. Feel safe yet?


It appears Shahzad was hardly flying under the radar. In fact he was flying back and forth between Pakistan his frequent flier miles probably paid for the last trip to terror camp.

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