Nepolitano on NW airline terror attempt: Everything worked fine – Video UPDATE: system failed

These two bites, from NBC and ABC are as much an indictment of the tenacity of the media as it is of the arrogance of this administration. The appearance on Meet The Press, I think, is the best of the three sound bites this morning, because she continues to step in it on multiple occasions. The Director of Homeland Security taking credit for the fast thinking and brave acting of the passengers and crew.

First she claims the system that let this suspected terrorist not only on the plane but, into the United States, worked fine, and why? Because the passengers did what they were supposed to.

What about HS, hmmm? Yup, she says, we did our job, after the whole thing was over. But the reason this is a great bite is what she says at the end. The skies, the HS Secretary proclaims, are safe. Good to know. I’m confident, how about you?


For comparison purposes, she makes close to the same statement on ABC … without the skies are safe comment. BUT, In each case, the reporters drop the ball. How can you not follow up on this?


As for the success of of Homeland Security? Did someone forget Fort Hood? Memories are sure short in the media. And certainly as Steve, points out, the system broke down big time.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft adds these statistics:

This year, domestic terror plots peaked. There have been 32 terror-related “events” on US shores since 9/11, and 12 of those occurred in 2009.

This week, on Christmas Day only a failed detonator saved the passengers on Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

UPDATE 2: This bite, also from ABC, is the laugher of the day. Janet Nepolitano making excuses as to why they missed this terrorist. So much information flying around. But, good news all, she says, her people even gave up Christmas Day to make sure once the incident occurred, everyone was safe. Once the incident occurred? Oh, brother.


UPDATE 3: Ooops, guess everything didn’t work fine. Hat Tip Hot Air. This is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. F-Troop.

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4 replies
  1. donh
    donh says:

    What is with that brown VINYL jacket?????   Talk about back to the Jimmi Carter years. Janet  Napolitano looks like Jack Soo from Barney Miller minus the one liners .

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Dropped. The. Ball.


    All the CYA in the world won't help her if someone succeeds where this guy failed.  You know you are in trouble as a liberal appointee when even the liberal press is on your butt.

  3. OkieJim
    OkieJim says:

    Napolitano reminds me of a Soviet Commissar, explaining why this year's wheat harvest didn't really fail, and how the next five-year plan is going to fix everything. In fact, most of the Administration's spokespersons remind me of Soviet commissars. Why is that?

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